Good Guys Or Bad Guys – Which Do Women Like?

Many are the roads that do not lead to the heart

Moroccan proverb

Good guys or bad guys?

Bad guys are awesomely decent with flexing, but they are not what a thoughtful or dignified girl can take home to her parents.

Good guys are good for keeps but they are really boring, not so romantic, and weak – even to the point of being doormats.

Now, since there are no middle grounds, one may ask, “what kind of guys do girls want to date?” Well, that is exactly what this article is about, and since there aren’t any shortcuts to the top of the palm tree, I will ask you earnestly to relax and keep reading.

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Are girls prone to finding bad guys attractive?

No, girls do not find bad boys attractive. It is just an inventive idea that has been nursed in the minds of penniless and supposed nice guys who get walked over by girls.

Are girls attracted to nice guys?

Still, No. This also is an indefinable impression that has been created by stereotypically bad guys who cannot afford to win the love of ladies.

Nonetheless, girls choosing bad boys over nice guys happen all the time – in schools, in movies, in books, in churches, in shrines, in mosques, and just everywhere. This is not just a pleasant way to say that girls prefer bad guys to nice guys.

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether one is a good or a bad guy and it doesn’t matter however you define them to be, it makes no difference to a girl because the truth is that, women tend to be attracted to certain personality traits and so, naturally, they flock to the men who possess them.

An ant may work its heart out but it can’t make money. So, if you want to impress a girl or get her attention, you don’t need to be as nasty or insolent as a professed typical bad boy would.

And you don’t also need to allow her to walk all over you as someone emblematic of a noble son would do. You just need to learn to display your manliness well and they will come chasing you. After all, the fowl that learns how to dig for food does not sleep hungry.

Girls have more arid and weird sensual fantasies during fertile or ovulation periods of the month. During this time, they get more interested in men with macho bodies, unpleasant and repulsive facial features, dominant behaviours, risk taking abilities and even certain body odours. Girls at this period only lust for the most desirable genes to pass on to their children.

Again, when a girl is younger and in her teens or twenties and sometimes even early thirties, she’s full of wild and intense hormones, and her notion of an attractive male is a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance.

One who appears ‘slammin’, in style, cool, hip, and full of undescribed magnetism which constantly draws people entirely lacking in real value. And she would fall for him even if he doesn’t have the traits of commitment, faithfulness, or if he lacks a nurturing side in him.

But as time goes by, and women mature emotionally and are looking for marriages and long-standing relationships, they start placing a higher emphasis on a potential partner’s stable and responsible side instead of paying more attention to his fopperies.

Okay, now since the only way you can learn how to cut down trees is by cutting them down, here are some great traits that girls are drawn to in a guy and how you can also assume them in order to appear so appealing to them.

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5 things women find attractive in men


Confidence is a great weapon because with it, even an ant can hurt an elephant and it is a trait of the strong and dominating. Confidence and authority in a man is sexy.

Guys who are confident are totally secure and sure of themselves. It is true that many insects gather around a flowering tree but confident guys do not get excessively jealous and they don’t feel unreasoningly threatened by their ladies getting close to other guys.

They know and feel they are the utmost and with their charisma, they influence their ladies to think the same.

Indeed, confident men are not only successful in life but successful at breaking down a woman’s barriers and emotional resistance to their desires.

Since confidence is like pregnancy which cannot be hidden for long, men who lack confidence with women communicate through their actions, words, and body language that they are weak and insecure with themselves.


No woman wants to date a coward or fraidy-cat. You have to be daring and courageous. You can’t be running away from the same lizard she is running from and expect her to see you as her guardian angel.

Do not get me wrong because I am au fait with the reality that sometimes as humans we get alarmed about certain situations and stuff but as our elders have said, “a brave man is not one who doesn’t feel afraid, but the one who conquers that fear”; be the only one who knows that you are afraid and defend her in spite of the fear.

Be bold. Tell her exactly how you feel. Grousing and complaining give the impression that you are feeble, coward, helpless, and toothless, which would make you appear unappealing, unattractive and unlikable almost instantly.

Girls expect their guys to be their shields, their defenders, their protectors, and their guardians. If you appear weak, fragile, spineless, or cowardly, always tucking your tail, she will never be able to look up to you as someone she can rely on in times of need.

a brave man is not one who doesn’t feel afraid, but the one who conquers that fear -Nelson Mandela


Most young girls are attracted to tough, hard, dangerous and resilient guys because those guys cannot be pushed over or manipulated so easily.

Understand however that the toad likes water but not when the water is boiling, likewise, girls love boys who are in control but not control freaks.

Know when to pull your breaks and don’t be lacking in both common sense and judgment. Stand up and learn to speak for yourself. Draw lines and set boundaries in a self-respecting style and manner.

There is an irresistible charming force concealed in resilience, toughness, and hardiness that begets the smile of a lady’s approval.

Girls hate it when a guy agrees with her every whim and impulsive fad just because he loves her. Don’t let her push you over, thinking it will make her like you because it won’t. She would rather see you as clingy and an obsessive sucker.

Girls do not feel the right spark of chemistry or attraction with a guy who acts like he needs her authorization or endorsement. When you can stand up against her demands and bad ways, it only means you’re able to handle her when necessary.

In order to portray a certain level of power, you need to show your girl you are man enough to protect or stand up against her.

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Girls hate time-table-guys, the kind of guys that even their innermost thoughts and reactions can accurately be prophesied at the snap of a finger. Don’t be so predictable that even your yawns and sneezes are scheduled.

Don’t ever empty the bucket of mystery. You cannot climb a mountain without crushing some weeds under your feet. Girls know that nobody is perfect and that is exactly how they want their guys to be.

So do things out of the ordinary. Be whimsical. Surprise her sometimes with things she wouldn’t expect you to do because you generally don’t do. Don’t be boring. Be spontaneous.

Unpredictability shakes girls out from running in autopilot and forces them to pay attention and think. Obviously, a patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful but unpredictability rivets girls back into the real world, thinking and feeling and sensing as if for the first time.

Be unpredictable, be real and be interesting. Listen, a guy’s worst crime is being a bore. There’s no greater sin when you’re trying to attract a beautiful girl.

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As cassava benefits those who heat and eat it, so does a man benefit those that nurture him.

Girls, in their natural mother’s instincts, are designed to nurture. However, instead of doing this with children, they often end up doing it with their guys.

In a way, this makes them feel empowered, fulfilled, or simply in control. It feeds their inner womanhood which is why men should challenge women once in a while.

It is the ugly caterpillars that turn into beautiful butterflies after seasons.

Be a rebel but definitely not a criminal. Be dangerous but not to the point that will firmly establish fear in her mind. In essence, let your woman bring out the best in you, allowing her to tame your wild ways and become a real man in the process for it is the crooked wood that shows the best sculptor.


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