7 Sure Signs That Your Crush Likes You

signs your crush likes you

Haven’t we all been there? Crushing so hard on someone and wondering if they feel the same way about us. Sometimes, you just want to make sure that your crush likes you too before you even ask them out. That way you wouldn’t end up hurt or embarassed when they turn you down.

Here are 7 sure signs that your crush likes you.

7 signs that your crush likes you too

1. Steal glances at you

If you often catch them staring at you, then it is a sure sign they like you. Usually someone who likes you, like to watch you when they think you are not looking and they take off their eyes immediately you look their way. So if they are always stealing glances at you, then it’s definitely a good sign.

2. Wants to know more about you

They are interested in everything you. They want know everything about you and sometimes they even know things about you that you didn’t tell them and that is mostly because they pay attention to you.

3. Has long conversations with you

If your crush responds to your conversations with long answers, it means they like you and they want to keep the conversation going. They don’t mind spending all night texting or chatting with you and they are always ready to talk to you no matter what.

4. Notices the little changes

If they notice changes about you, even the little changes then that is surely someone who likes you. Sometimes they will pass just a simple comment that show they noticed something changed.

5. Remembers details about you.

Someone who likes you will remember things about you. It can be something you told them or something they noticed on their own. Sometimes, they even remember things that you dont remember telling them.

6. Want to look their best when you are around.

If they always try to look their best when they know you are going to be around, then they like you. We all try to look good when stepping out but if they put in extra effort to look their very best just because you are going to be around, then they surely like you.

7. Always willing and ready to help

Heliping someone isn’t an easy thing to do. We’ve all got our own thing going on.. So if your crush is ever ready to help you no matter what, then they like you too. Especially if you always ask help from them and they are always willing to help. Sometimes they even offer to help without you asking.

Although these are all signs that your crush likes you, you cannot know for sure until you make the move and ask them out. So be bold and ask them out the next time you meet them. All the best!

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