5 Surefire Signs Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You

Relationship begins through a variety of means. Late night calls, flowers getting delivered, gifts given, so many dates or just love at first sight are all ways relationships begin. But regardless of how it started, there are expectations along the line.

Relationships reveal a lot about your partner. Some of these things are things you will like and there are also things you will hate about them. Like anything else, it is not uncommon to want more from your relationship as it grows.

People often ask their partners questions like; “Where are we going?”, “What can you see in our future?” and other questions when they want to know how serious their boyfriends are about their relationship.

Well, there are certain signs to look out for to know whether your boyfriend is serious about you. Whether your relationship has a future or if he’s looking to abandon ship.

Don’t forget that some of these signs are subconscious. As your boyfriend may not even realize he is showing these signs. Here’s how you can know for sure. Also, note that this will let you consider whether you want that future with him or not.

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Signs your boyfriend is serious about you

1. He wants his family and friends to know you

If he can’t wait to show you to his friends and family, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. This is an important step. Some boyfriends will introduce you casually to their friends and family. Although this is a good thing, that’s not what we are talking about here.

What we mean is when your boyfriend officially introduces you to his family and friends. And he is so proud to show you off to his entire family and can’t wait to get you to be one of them. Yes, he can’t wait to make you a family.

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2. He wants to know your family

When he’s keen to know more about you, there’s a good chance he’s very serious about a future with you. If he is always asking a lot of questions about you and your family, it shows he is interested in you and wants to know where you come from.

When he shows excitement about meeting your family or even suggests getting to meet your family, then it shows he is serious about you and so wants to meet your family.

It does not faze him when he has to spend time with your dad because he is very confident that he will never leave you. When his commitment level to meeting your family is always commended by your family then he’s a serious guy for you.

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3. He Proposes Exclusitivity

Another sign that suggest that he’s really into you is when he wants to be exclusively with you. Any guy who is serious about you wouldn’t want you to see other people. Exclusivity is a guy’s way of telling you he wants you to himself and himself alone. A little coded way of saying he wants to be with just you and nobody else.

When he does that, it shows his undying willingness to totally commit to you forever. No one knows what the future will bring but at the very moment he proposes that the two of you should be exclusive, you should know that you’re important part to him already.

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4. He talks about settling down

When your boyfriend is settled in his ways, he’s probably ready to settle down with you. Actions speaks louder than words, so look at his actions.

Guys who are looking to get serious normally get a stable job, move into their own apartments and start saving towards the future. They don’t take much joy overspending their money or going out a lot and sowing their wild oats.

So when your boyfriend shows more maturity and only wants to go places with you or if he absolutely has to. He constantly talks about future plans with you, how your kids are going to look like and future of your family, then you should know that is a guy that is totally serious about you.

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5. He always wants your input

Whether it’s about his private passion or something secretive, he always wants your valued opinion and presence. He loves spending time with you. He loves talking to you, keeps in touch with you no matter where you are.

He respects you enough to be trusted and values you. He listens to what you say, he thinks about deep things with you and always wants to know what you think.

He always wants you to be happy because that makes him also happy. He always keeps his promise to you and he’s always prioritizing your needs. When he does these things, it means he’s already planned his future with you in it.

So if your boyfriend is showing any of these signs or all of these signs, then he is definitely serious about you. But if he is doing the exact opposite of these, then that means he might not be interested in you or he’s not interested in a future with you.

You can try having a conversation with him about your relationship to know his intentions, then after that you can make your own decision if to keep being with him or not.


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