8 Types Of Friends We All Need

Choosing friends is an important step in everyone’s life. When we are young, we normally end up befriending the next door neighbour’s kid or our classmates or people we just happen to meet through circumstances.

When we grow and get to understand our own personality, we choose friends based on things like common interests, favourite band, favourite books, favourite music, food or hobbies.

But people we meet through these avenues may or may not be good for us. Remember, who a friend is will depend on you. That is, it will depend on who you would consider as a friend and who you will never befriend.

Different people have different traits. Choose a friend based on your favourite trait. Remember, good friends are for life.

Here’s a look at some traits to look out for in choosing your friend. It is hardly possible to have just one friend with all these traits. But you can have different friends, each with one or more of these traits.

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Types of friends

1. An inspiring friend

One important trait to consider when choosing a friend is their demeanor in times of trouble. Look for an encourager or an inspirer.

  • Someone who exudes positivity when you are at your lowest.
  • Someone who only sees your victory when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.
  • A person who desperately wants a smile on your face everytime you are sad.
  • Someone who is like your personal cheerleader

Having a friend like this will push you to greater heights and give you the strength to keep going on even when times get really tough. These friends give you a bounce about you and you are always eager to see them because they inspire you.

2. A loyal friend

Another type of friend is one who values loyalty. A loyal person does not betray his or her friends. No matter the situation or what you are going through or what people say about you, a loyal friend will always stand by you or stand with you.

A loyal friend believes in you, they believe in your goals and are always rooting for you to succeed. With a loyal friend you know you have someone you can always count on. Someone who always has your back no matter what.

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3. A mentor

Sometimes, it is easier for us to be strong when we are around strong people. When our friends lead by example its easier for us to follow.

There are some friends who will never let anything get them down. Ones who will always rise above every situation and come out on top. Its easier to be strong around people like these as we see first hand how it is to be strong.

Having a friend who is a mentor can also help you achieve your goals in life. Such friends can teach you what they know and how they became successful in what they do.

A friend like this will always correct you and make sure you are always making the right decisions and choices to help achieve your dreams.

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4. An adventurous friend

Friends are there to get us out of our comfort zone sometimes and have fun. Life can be boring if you get stuck in a routine. We all need that someone who will take us out of our comfortable shells and explore a little bit more.

There may be things out there you are not experiencing because you lack the motivation to try. Having an adventurous friend means you have someone who is always willing to try new things.

Such friends can tell you about their experiences and how it feels to get out of your comfort zone, this can in turn help you to try new things and have fun whiles doing it because you won’t be doing it alone.

5. An honest friend

The word friend is neutral. There is no good or bad. Once a person is your friend, it is assumed that they are with you for life and fit all the criteria for choosing them as a friend. One of such qualities is honesty.

Honesty is a very important thing to look for in a friend. you need someone who will be truthful to you no matter what. A friend should not be afraid to tell you the truth if they have your best interest at heart.

When you take a decision that wont help you, a friend should be bold enough to tell you to reconsider and not encourage you to mess up your life.

6. A friend next door

This is a very important friend you need in your life. A friend next door is a neighbour who is a friend. Having such a friend can literally be life saving.

We live in a world where everybody is confined in their homes and they hardly get out to even talk to their neighbours. Someone can live in an apartment for a year and not know the guy next door. This is a very bad habit.

It is very important that you get to know your neighbours and make at least one friend from them. With a friend next door, you have someone to watch your back when youy aren’t at home.

With a friend next door, you have someone who you can call on for immediate help in times of emergency. This type of friend can keep an eye on your home, your properties and your children even when you are around.

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7. A work friend

Most of us spend 8 hours or more at work in a day. That is one third of your day. You can’t be at work and not want to socialise with anyone. Yes, the main reason you are there is to work but a friend at work is very important if you want to get ahead at work.

When you have a friend at work, they will make a long boring day fun for you because you have someone to talk to at work. Having a work firend means you have someone who can help out when you are stuck.

A friend at work can even cover your shift or help you complete tasks when you have little time.

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8. A funny friend

Friends who always crack jokes are very important in this life. You need to have a friend who always makes you happy. There are some friends who always makes you smile no matter what.

A friend like this can make you laugh even when you are very sad. Friends like these see a reason to keep smiling no matter how bad things get. When you have a funny friend, you will always have a reason to smile.


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