4 Ways To Get A Friend Back After A Fight

It doesn’t matter the context of the relationship, there will always be times when things get said or things happen and people get hurt. Even the best of friends can fall out, and that can cause a breakdown in trust and it can effectively end a relationship. Friendships fall apart, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save them and strengthen them for the future. 

If something has happened to push you apart, there are things that you can do to avoid losing a friend that you’re fighting with. Reconnecting with friends that you have grown apart from means that you can try these ways to turn the other cheek and be a bigger person. Friendship involves a lot of time and effort, trust and reciprocity, so we’ve got some tips to help you to get a friend back onside after a fight.

Four Ways To Get A Friend Back After A Fight
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Reflect on what went wrong from your point of view

What happens for the friendship to break down? You can’t fix a problem that you don’t understand but you have to put your pride to one side and consider what your part in this was. Not all fights or fallout are one sided, and you need to realize that. When you know what went wrong on your end, you are then better equipped to fix it.

Try to see both sides of the problem

Understanding the perspective of your friend is important. You might be the problem, but if you can’t admit it then that’s gonna be an issue. Consider your thoughts and feelings but consider their thoughts and feelings as well. Sometimes it can help to take a step back from the situation and consider their point of view before you barrel in and try to fix anything.

Take some space

If you want to fix your friendship, then you need to cool off. When there is a conflict or a heated argument with a friend, taking the time and space to cool down can really benefit both of you. You may realize that there is a real issue here that needs to be addressed before your friendship can move forward. Having that time and space for yourself can help you go into the conversation calmly and calm down any of the hot headedness that you might have experienced before.

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Extend that hand of friendship

Try not to blindside your friend with a heavy conversation. Ask if they are willing to talk to you and give them a heads up. Ask them when would be a good time to talk and keep in mind that they might need some more time to call off then you have. Let them know that you are ready to talk to them when they are ready, and then see what happens naturally.

Friendships fall apart sometimes but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Part of maturing as a grown up is learning where you can fix a problem before it becomes even bigger.


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