7 Best Signs That He Is The One

Most often than not, people meet “the one” and they let go because they don’t realize it on time that the one they are with is indeed “the one”.

Everyone has some specific qualities they look for in a partner and that’s okay. But the real question here is, are you looking for the right qualities in a partner?

Ask someone what they look for in a partner and chances are they are going to talk about the appearance of the person. But if you are actually looking for a long-term relationship with someone then what you are looking for should be deeper than just what they look like.

So what should you be looking for? Well, one thing you have to understand is that we are all different and that means we all express ourselves in different ways.

So just because the person you are with doesn’t love you the way you want them to love you, doesn’t mean they don’t love you at all.

But don’t get it wrong. Sometimes they really don’t love you. This is usually the case in toxic relationships. So don’t confuse a toxic relationship with a healthy relationship with someone who loves you in their own way.

Now, although each person is different, there are some basic characteristics that almost everyone shows when they are the right ones for you. So below we will discuss these signs you should be looking out for.

Signs he is the one

1. He cares about you

When a guy cares about you, it is usually a sign that he loves you. So if he’s always checking up on you, asking about how your day was and what you’ve eaten today, it is because he cares.

Also a guy who cares about you will randomly do certain things you weren’t expecting that shows they actually care.

For instance, you mention one time on a date that you’ve always wanted to see a movie but haven’t and one day, they show up with a DVD and it’s the movie. Or may be they get you a book you mentioned you loved as a kid, that shows that he actually cares about you.

2. He cares about your family, friends, and your interests

A guy who is the one is simply the guy who loves your right. And a guy who loves you expresses his love through care. Not just caring about you but caring about everything about you. This includes your family, your friends, your interests, and your hobbies.

So if you are with a guy who cares about all the people around you and things you like to do, then that is definitely something for the plus column.

3. He loves to talk to you and he listens

If he stays up all night just to hear you talk and he actually listens to what you have to say to him, then that is a guy that is in love with you.

If a guy loves you, he’s interested in knowing more about you. He tries to know everything about you. And the best way to know more about someone is to listen to them.

So he pays close attention to you when you are speaking and he remembers what you tell him even the little details.

A guy who loves you also just likes to listen to you simply because he enjoys your company.

4. He appreciates you

If your boyfriend appreciates everything you do for him, even the little things then he is right for you.

Sometimes, he might even make you feel like he is so lucky to have you in his life and he is very grateful you are with him.

If your boyfriend makes you feel like having you is like winning a trophy, that’s a keeper. Hold on to him.

5. He talks about you to his family and friends

Guys aren’t usually ones to talk a lot about a girl they are dating. So if your guy is always talking about you to his friends and family, then that is a guy that really likes you.

And if he goes ahead to introduce you to his family and friends, then that is a guy that is definitely serious about you.

Introducing a girlfriend to one’s parents is a very big step that many guys don’t like to take unless it’s a girl they want a future with.

6. He is disturbed when you are upset

If you being upset disturbs your boyfriend and he doesn’t rest until he makes you feel better, then he cares about you.

A guy who truly loves you always wants to see you in a good mood. He always wants to make sure everything is alright with you. He is happy when he sees you are happy and smiling and he is disturbed when something upsets you.

Such a guy notices immediately when you are in a bad mood and tries his best to make you feel better.

7. He is there for the bad times

A guy who finds an excuse to leave every time you encounter a problem is not right for you. If he bolts whenever you face any form of problem, no matter how small, and shows up later when things are okay, then he is not the one.

But a guy who sticks with you when you face any form of challenge. A guy who stays by your side through the tough times and helps you through every single time, is the right one for you.

This is someone you can rest assured that you can always count on in life. Because the truth is, life isn’t always going to be sunshine and happiness. There are going to be bad days and tough times, so in choosing the one for you, make sure you choose the one you can count on in bad times too.


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