Happiness: It’s Out There For Everyone To Take!

A lot of people talk about the pursuit of happiness. As if it’s some kind of goal that needs to be reached at the end of the road. As if it isn’t something you can just reach out and take now, but making happiness happen is something you can do. At any time.

The problem is that people simply can’t wait for it to happen. It’s the same as success. There’s not a point in your life where happiness will just come and take you. Instead, you have to work hard at it and take it for yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to work hard at it, but it will require some conscious effort on your part. Another point is that everyone is different. What works for one in the pursuit of happiness won’t work for another.

Here are some top tips to get you started, or to at least help shift your perspective around happiness in the right direction.

3 simple ways to pursue happiness

Cultivate a hobby

Ask most people what makes them happy and they’ll talk about their hobby. About the intricacies of it and how often they engage with it. Some may do so more than others.

Some may not even have a hobby. It might be going for a twice-weekly run, or even walking. It might be working on Winning DFS PGA Tour Picks, or potentially hitting the gym or playing football with your friends.

Even if you don’t have to leave your house, whether it’s reading, or gaming, a hobby can make you happy. Engaging with it often will work. If you don’t have one, work on it.

What do you enjoy, what interests you? These are the questions you need to answer to ensure that you find a hobby you’ll stick to. Flipping and flopping between hobbies often isn’t’ the way forward. It can let you down, and it can be quite expensive too.

Cultivate your social circle

Having a circle of friends and family is important. They give you people to talk to and engage with. To relax with. To support you when you’re down. Even introverts need some kind of release in this regard.

Everyone can do it. Even if you’re feeling pretty lonely at the moment you really can make a difference to your life by pursuing a social circle. You can link this up with creating a hobby. Especially if you’re into team sports…it’s easy to meet people that way.

The same if you’re thinking of going to a book club. It might not necessarily be about finding new friends, but instead renewing old friendships. Having a positive social circle is one sure way to induce happiness and laughter on your part.

The issue of COVID may stop you from going for this right now, but it’s certainly something to think about.

Cultivate your intellect

Sign up for that night school. Go to the extra classes. Learn the language you’ve always wanted to. Maybe you want to go to college and get your degree. You could be thinking of expanding on it and going postgraduate.

Whatever you decide, exploring academic purposes can make you happy. This is especially the case if you’re using it to pursue a better career or work life. 


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