How To Feel Inspired Again

We’ve all been there. One minute we begin a project and we are willing and ready to give it our all. And the next minute, we are giving excuses as to why we cant do it right now and we need to postpone it. Eventually, we give up on whatever it is and we dont do it at all.

This usually happens when we don’t see the results we were hoping for because once we start seeing results, we are happy to keep going and not stop.

One thing you should however know is that, in time you will get the results you are hoping for but first you have to keep trying because if you give up now, then you won’t achieve your aim.

What you have to do is set realistic and achieveable goals. Because nothing happens overnight. It will take time but if you keep working on it, it will happen.

Also, we are human and as human as we are, we won’t always feel inspired to do what we have to do. One trait we however need, is self dicipline. Because once you are self disciplined, you will do what you have to do even if you are not feeling inspired or motivated enough.

Below we’ll discuss certain habits you can practise to help you feel inspired again when you are just not feeling it.

7 habits that will make you feel inspired again

Make time for yourself

You may not be feeling inspired because you are burnt out and tired. So take a break. Make time for yourself. Take good care of your self. Practise self care and get enough rest.

Don’t stress yourself so much.Whenever you are tired, relax and think more about yourself. Have some free time to have fun to help free your mind. Once you are well rested, you will be motivated to do what you have to do.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. We’ve all done something at one point that we are not proud of. But you have to remember to not let those mistakes keep affecting your life. So don’t dwell on your mistakes, take what you can learn from it and use it to guide your instincts.

Write down your goals

Write down your goals. This will serve as a reminder when you are going wayward from your set goals. Sit down and then take measure that will guide and motivate you to work towards your goals.

Even if you have written your goals down already, write it again. Writing down your goals again will remind you of the reason why you want to achieve that goal and why you started in the first place. And that can make you feel inspired again.

You can even transform your goals into a vision board and put it somewhere you can see everyday. This will help you know what you are working towards everyday.

Recite some positive affirmations

Saying positive affirmations to yourself always lifts your mood and inspires you to do what you have to do. Some affirmations you can say include;

  • I will work with abundant enthusiasm and confidence
  • I am fully committed to achieving my goals
  • I am a doer. I won’t give up

Read inspirational quotes

Read inspirational quotes that will boost your confidence and make you feel that you can make it in life. Always turn back to it, when you lose hope and read them. It will encourage you.

You can even print some out or write them down on a sticky note and paste them places you can see everyday.

You can also listen to inspirational speakers and podcasts to help motivate you.

Make time to find new lessons

Getting inspired is not about waiting for lightning to strike; it is about seeking out new things and seeing if they suit our approach to life.

Setting up a workstation or a bedside table with a trusty pair of reading glasses will help you to learn new things and can fuel your desire for a certain subject. 

If you get into a learning mindset, you become naturally curious and it opens you up to a wider variety of possibilities.  

Change your environment

Sometimes you can lose inspiration just because you are stuck at one place. Changing of environment can give you a different perspective and a different approach to things. So try that. Step out. Go somehere else and you might just find a new source of inspiration.

Interact with like minded people

Connect and take advice from people that have the same goals you want to achieve. You can even go in for a mentor, that is someone who has achieved the goals you are working towards and has some experience in the field. So that they will teach or assist you on how to achieve your goals.

In this life, there are ups and downs (failure and success). Don’t be distracted by your failure. Always have faith even when you fail and tell yourself it shall be well with me.

Whether you achieve your goals or not remember there is more valuable life lessons along the way. Just be focused on being successful in life to help build up your inspiration once again.

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