5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Sexual Self Esteem

It’s not only your past experiences that can cause you to lack confidence. So many inside and outside factors can affect your sexual self esteem. The best way to get it back is by working through these and getting a new perspective.

Here are five simple ways to boost your sexual self esteem, and to bring back your confidence in bed.   

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How to boost your sexual self esteem

1. Connect with a professional

In order to fully understand your sexual self and any intimacy issues you might have, it’s a good idea to do some soul searching. Think about your sexual past and present and how it makes you feel.

It’s about time you gain some perspective on why you might not feel as sexually confident as you would like. 

To help you get in touch with your feelings and past experiences it’s advisable to speak to a professional. An online therapist, couples therapy or sex addiction counselling can help you work through any doubts or questions you might have. 

2. Get to know yourself

One of the most important things in the bedroom is getting to know yourself and what matters to you. Don’t be ashamed of putting your needs first, or exploring your own desires. Getting to know yourself on an intimate level is the first step to boosting your sexual self-esteem. 

Once you’ve got a better understanding of your own sexuality, you’ll feel more confident sharing this with your partner. All relationships romantic or platonic will benefit if you improve the one you have with yourself first. 

3. Explore your interests

Now that you’re developing confidence on a personal level, you can start to explore new interests and pleasures. Learn what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Here is a beginner’s guide to exploring your sexuality. There might be something new for you to discover with or without a partner. 

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4. Communicate with your partner

If you’re seeing somebody then healthy communication is always a fundamental part of any relationship. If you feel like there might be lacking in this area then it’s crucial to learn how to improve communication in relationships.

You need to feel comfortable being open and honest with your partner about all areas of your relationship. 

Express to any partner what you like and don’t like in bed before you do it if possible. Outline your boundaries and anything that makes you uncomfortable.

It’s a good idea to describe any potential insecurities beforehand. Communication will help you develop a stronger connection and more intimate experience, even if it’s only one time. 

5. Confidence rituals and routines

Finally building confidence in bed is a great achievement. To help you maintain this create a ritual or routine that keeps your self esteem turned on. This is up to you to develop with or without a partner.

Naturally, you’ll start developing habits which make you feel better and more comfortable. These could include ways to become aroused, foreplay, or even having a drink or chat together beforehand. These are your way of setting the mood and making you feel more at ease. 


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