5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Sex Life

things that are ruining your sex life

Sex can be a wonderful thing when done right. So if you find yourself not enjoying sex with your partner or not even wanting to have sex with them anymore, then that means there is something that is ruining your sex life.

Here are 5 things that could be ruining your sex life.

5 Things that could be ruining your sex life

1. Skipping foreplay

This is okay once in a while. Especially, if there isn’t a lot of time and you are in the mood for a quickie. But that shouldn’t be a habit. Foreplay is a very important part of lovemaking. It helps prepare the body and mind for sex.

Women actually need foreplay because it lubricates the v*gina and makes sex comfortable. So skipping foreplay means the v*gina might be dry which causes friction during sex and makes sex painful for women.

Also, Women can not reach orga*m and be fully satisfied when you skip foreplay. Another thing is that foreplay makes women know that the man they are sleeping with actually cares deeply for them. It is an assurance for women that you love them. So it is emotionally fulfilling for them.

2. Letting the kids sleep in your bed

If your kids are in bed with you every night, that means you can’t have sex when the mood arises. Even so, it will be difficult to get in the mood if you have kids in the bed with you.

You can let them in your bed once in a while, like if they have a nightmare and want to sleep with you. But sleeping in your bed shouldn’t be a regular thing.

3. Not talking about sex

Talking about sex is very important for you and your partner. Yet most people are shy to talk about sex. And they find it difficult to communicate their sexual desires to their partners. But here’s the thing, your partner is not psychic. He can’t predict what you want in bed if you don’t let him know.

So communicate with them. Talk about sex. Tell them what turns you on. Let them know what makes your panty wet. Don’t be shy. You will enjoy sex more if your partner starts doing the things you want in bed.

4. Mast*rbation

Mast*rbation can be a good thing. It can relieve stress and enhance sleep. It can also boost concentration, release tension, and lift your mood. And some people get turned on when they see their partner’s mast*rbating.

It becomes a problem when you do it so often that, you feel you don’t need your partner. So you would rather play with yourself than try and initiate sex. Or even when they try initiating it, you ignore them because you would rather mast*rbate.

5. Not being opened to trying new things

Indeed, we all have our boundaries when it comes to things we would do in the bedroom. But every now and then, don’t be afraid to try something new with your partner. So long as it doesn’t cross your boundary or make you uncomfortable.

Be opened to trying new things. Switch things up in the bedroom. Try a new sex position. Have a quickie at other places other than your bedroom or your home. Sometimes, the fear of someone walking in on you can make sex exciting.

If any of these sounds like you and your partner, then that is probably the reason why you dont enjoy sex. So try working on them and you will definitely enjoy your sex life.

ruining sex life

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