TV Shows Perfect for a Cozy Couple’s Binge-Watching Session

Even if you dreamed that you would go to cafes, restaurants, and cinemas together every day, in practice this is impossible. Most of our family time is devoted to home entertainment. The main thing here is TV. We offer you help with the choice of a good show to watch as a couple. Our focus is on shows that both parties should enjoy.

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#1 Happy Endings

The television show “Happy Endings” on Hulu never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I’ve watched it from the start. The storyline centers around six best friends in Chicago, and their lovable characters always leave us in stitches with their hilarious remarks. Even though the show isn’t filmed in Chicago, it never fails to uplift our spirits and bring joy.

#2 The White Lotus

You’ve come across The White Lotus by now, but if you haven’t started watching it, this is your signal to begin! Honestly, Season 1 didn’t resonate with me. I watched all the episodes but disliked all of the characters. Season 2, however, was an entirely different tale. It completely drew me in.

Firstly, it’s set in Sicily, which immediately hooked me. But beyond that, the mystery aspect was exceptional this time around. The characters were all incredibly intricate (I went from sympathizing with them to disliking them, feeling frustrated, and everything in between), and it consumed my thoughts week after week.

Among the shows for couples, many are available on HBO Max, and for some, this can be a problem. To access these shows from anywhere in the world, you need a VPN for HBO Max. With that, for HBO Max you need a powerful VPN that provides sufficient speed and a lot of servers. Your HBO Max VPN should prioritize the United States, as access through this region is preferred. I use VeePN and it has never let me down.

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#3 Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is an exceptional television show, perfect for couples. It revolves around an American football coach hired to lead a soccer team in England, all because the owner seeks revenge on her ex by deliberately sabotaging the team he adores. Jason Sudeikis portrays the lovable character of Ted brilliantly, and the entire cast is equally delightful. The show boasts remarkable writing, acting, and production – truly outstanding. Don’t miss out on this genuine gem!

#4 Formula 1

We discovered Formula 1 thanks to our friend Kaitlin’s recommendation, and we fell in love with it! This captivating series delves into the world of Formula 1, showcasing the lives of drivers, managers, and team owners while providing an insider’s perspective on the thrilling competitions.

Even if you’re not typically a sports enthusiast, don’t dismiss this just yet! Formula 1 is incredibly intriguing, packed with compelling storylines and irresistible drama. Not to mention, the drivers themselves are quite the eye candy!

#5 Schitt’s Creek

I independently binge-watched Schitt’s Creek since Adam lacked interest. However, once I completed the entire series, I managed to convince him to join me from the start. It revolves around a wealthy family who loses everything, aside from a small town called Schitt’s Creek, originally purchased as a prank by the father for his son. Forced to relocate to a motel within this town, the characters undergo captivating transformations. You’ll unquestionably develop a profound affection for them by the end! To unblock Hulu you can use the VPN extension in your browser. In this case, you will be both protected and able to bypass the Hulu restriction.

#6 The Other Two

The show, though a bit crude, had us in fits of laughter throughout every episode. It revolves around two siblings, Brooke and Cary, who find themselves grappling with their own identities as their 13-year-old brother skyrockets to fame in a Justin Bieber-like manner. While their younger sibling becomes a pop sensation, Brooke, formerly a professional dancer, and Cary, an aspiring actor, navigate the challenge of finding their path in a world now overshadowed by their famous relative. The humor in this series is truly priceless.

#7 Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters quickly became one of our top picks in 2022! This captivating show follows a tight-knit group of sisters in Ireland. When tragedy strikes and one of the sisters’ husbands unexpectedly passes away, his life insurance company launches an inquiry into possible foul play involving the sisters themselves. Prepare to be both outraged and entertained as this limited series, which was slated to end, unexpectedly received a well-deserved Season 2 renewal!

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#8 Top Chef

Currently off the air (Season 20 arriving this spring!), Top Chef offers 19 seasons on Hulu for an immersive binge-watching experience. I believe it’s the ultimate TV competition show – captivating, expertly produced, and addictive. Moreover, it’s thrilling to cheer for hometown chefs and dine at their establishments. Go Chicago!


When you become a couple, you can no longer consider only your interests. Now you have common interests and choosing what suits both can be a daunting task. The best option is comedies and adventures, for the most part, these are the shows on our list.


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