Tried And Tested Tips For Moving On From An Ex

Oh, love. When it’s going well, there’s pretty much nothing better. When it goes wrong, there’s pretty much nothing worse. Alas, if you’re going to throw yourself into the crazy world of love, then you’ll have to accept that you’re going to pick up a few battle wounds from time to time. Hopefully you’ll eventually find the love of your life, but before that time comes, you’ll likely have at least one bad break-up. 

And it’ll truly feel like the end of the world when that happens. But guess what? The majority of people have had that experience, and they all made it out OK. but we understand that you may need a little help before you can get to that stage. In this blog, we’ll run through some tried and tested tips for helping you to move on from the ex that broke your heart. 

Tried And Tested Tips For Moving On From An Ex
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No Contact 

The temptation to text an ex is oh-so-real. There’ll come a point where you begin to wonder if you can win them back, or if you overreacted by ending things after they’d betrayed your trust. But let’s just say this: it’s better to take the pain now and get over it, rather than going back to them and prolonging your misery.

The best method is to go no contact for at least forty days. That’ll give you the space you need to see things clearly. Once those forty days are up, you’ll likely be looking to the future with optimism. 

Close the Chapter

You can’t begin to move forward until you’ve closed the chapter on the relationship that went wrong. This isn’t easy to do, because we all want to hold out hope that things will go back to how they used to be.

But it’s important to remember that, one, things never will go back, and two, in holding out hope, you’ll be making it more difficult for you to find the right person for you. Learn the art of letting go, and you’ll enter the new phase of your life with courage. 

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Meeting New People

Everyone thinks that they’ll never find a new partner after the end of a relationship. But that’s always wrong. Of course you will! But it won’t happen all on its own. You’ve got to put yourself out there and meet new people, one of whom will be the right person for you.

In this day and age, there are dating apps, hobby clubs, and about a million other ways to meet new people. Take your time and don’t expect love instantly, but if you put yourself in the right places, then love will find you


It’s easy to fall into a pit of despair after the end of a relationship. You can begin to think that you’re not worthy, your confidence can take a hit, and so on. Now’s the time to build yourself back up again. Spend a month working on yourself (by going to the gym, learning a new skill, etc.), and your confidence will be sky-high. 


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