Traditional Vending Versus Healthy Vending Machines

Traditional Vending Versus Healthy Vending Machines
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Vending machines are very popular in the UK and recent reports suggest that there are half a million vending machines across the country. These machines are selling approximately seven billion products a year, mostly chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks.

Vending machines are attractive. The snacks and drinks are often packaged in bright colours and logos that we are all familiar with. Even if the products are priced higher than usual it is often more convenient to purchase from a vending machine than to go to a shop and browse through a whole range of products to choose what you are looking for.

Vending machines are ideally located, especially in busy waiting areas, large offices, hotels and apartments, warehouses, schools, colleges and entertainment venues.

The options in traditional vending machines are often limited to unhealthy snacks and drinks, but due to ease and convenience people find themselves preferring to choose something from the vending machine in their time of need rather than look for a healthier option.

Once in a while this is OK. Everyone enjoys the occasional chocolate bar, packet of crisps and fizzy drink, but it has to be in moderation and it has to be in combination with a healthy lifestyle and better food choices throughout the rest of the day.

Too many chocolate bars, packets of crisps and fizzy drinks can have serious implications for your health and wellbeing. The snacks and drinks are full of salt and sugar, calories and saturated fats.

If you enjoy too many of these snacks on a regular basis this can lead to increased blood pressure and cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, dental health complications, gastrointestinal disorders and even cancer.

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Healthy vending machines

An excellent solution is to have healthy vending machines. This means replacing your traditional vending machine with an established healthy vending machine that supplies delicious, nutritious, healthy and affordable snacks and drinks as an alternative to traditional chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks.

People can still enjoy the convenience and ease of a vending machine, but be encouraged to make healthier food choices to avoid complications for their bodily constitution and enjoy good health and wellbeing instead.

Installing a healthy vending machine in your office, warehouse, workplace, school, gym, entertainment venue or waiting area is easier than ever before. All you need is a metre square of free space and a plug point.

You can choose a vending machine according to your space and venue. Healthy vending machines are modern, environmentally friendly, user friendly and attractive to look at at the same time. These vending machines are fully maintained by the supplier and are free for you.

They will be stocked as you wish, you can tailor the stock according to your personal preferences or you can ask for the most popular items on the stock list.

Products are replenished as necessary, serviced when required providing excellent meal options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, delicious snacks and nutritional drinks for you and the people around you. With large, colourful touch screens and contactless payment, healthy vending machines are easy to use and brighten up your space.

Replace your traditional vending machine today and allow people to enjoy the benefits of swapping unhealthy snacking for healthy eating.


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