Marketing To Millennials: How To Attract The Next Generation

Are you finding that your dental surgery is failing to appeal to a broad group? Do you think that it is time to alter your marketing approach to attract younger patients? Ever thought about doing so with millennials?

Millennials represent a large portion of the population, and they have distinct preferences and behaviors when it comes to healthcare.

As such, dental surgeries need to tailor their marketing strategies to this demographic to capture their attention and convert them into loyal customers who will not only keep coming back to your surgery but who may even recommend it to their friends and family.

So, here are 5 ways dental surgeries can market to millennials:

Marketing To Millennials: How To Attract The Next Generation.
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Leverage social media platforms

Millennials are, by far, the most significant users of social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, seconded only by Gen Z.

Dental surgeries can utilize these platforms to reach this demographic by posting engaging content, such as before-and-after pictures, educational content, and interactive quizzes.

The use of influencer marketing can also be a powerful way to attract millennials. Partnering with an influential social media personality to promote a dental surgery and to help with dental marketing can help to reach a broader audience and build brand awareness.


As a group, millennials and Gen Z tend to value personalization in their experiences. Therefore, dental surgeries can offer customized experiences to their patients by providing personalized care, such as customized treatment plans, flexible scheduling, and online appointment bookings.

Your dental surgery can also create targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs and preferences of millennials, such as eco-friendly and natural options or convenient and affordable dental care.

So, aim to post on social media about how your surgery is becoming greener and more eco-conscious while also asking for feedback from this group.

Emphasise technology
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Emphasise technology

As a group, they are also far more likely to be tech-savvy and appreciate dental surgeries that offer the latest technology in dental care.

So, your surgery can advertise its use of innovative technology such as digital X-rays, 3D printing, or computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems.

Highlighting the use of technology can create a perception of advanced and efficient dental care that appeals to millennials.

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As mentioned before, millennials have a strong focus on environmental sustainability and ethical business practices.

Therefore, dental surgeries can promote their commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and reducing their environmental footprint, which will not only help your business to look better but will also appeal to this group.

Your surgery can also participate in community sustainability initiatives, such as providing free dental services to underserved communities. This can create a positive brand image and appeal to the values of millennials.

Case studies

Looking at before and after is a common practice across all groups, but millennials have been found to do it more so when it comes to healthcare providers.

Dental surgeries can upload case studies showcasing the great results they have delivered to previous patients. Good case studies can help to build credibility and trust.


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