How To Set Up A Romantic Bath – 4 Simple Steps

Creating a bath for you or your partner can be a transcendent experience. It can be the ideal moment for relaxation, intimate soul bonding and soul searching, reflection and self-appreciation.

A simple bath is very different from a bath experience. A bath experience is an occasion, an event, a milestone or a celebration. When you want to reward yourself for an achievement or simply spend a moment in awe of yourself a bath comes highly recommended.

When you and your partner seem to be drifting apart and are badly in need of a soul bond or reconnection, a romantic bath can be your answer. We look here at the necessary requirements for creating a romantic bath experience.

Romance in a relationship can be likened to a burning flame which needs to be nurtured so it doesn’t go out or out of control. Creating the perfect environment for your romance to blossom is essential in a relationship.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it must be the time to carefully reflect on your love for each other and reconnect in a serene, meditative, loving and private environment.

During the experience, it’s just the two of you without the world, work, kids or troubles in life. Just the two of you in perfect unison, entangled together like two peas in a cool pod and basking in the moment. Sharing your admiration for each other and how lucky you are to have each other. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

how to set up a romantic bath
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Set up a romantic bath- 4 simple steps

Now, since is a special moment, it is important that all the basic requirements are taken care of. A squeaky clean bathroom and also being certain about your partner’s availability on the day are essential to the plan. Whether it’s a surprise or you inform your partner beforehand these basic steps must be taken to ensure no disruptions to the plan.

1. The lead up

Let the day begin by appreciating your partner. Leave them cute messages to brighten up their day. Make them feel absolutely right and prepared for your special evening.

Now, get your essentials ready. Get your rose petals, bath salts, bubble bath, essential oils, candles, music, champagne, treats and anything you want to add to your bath to make it an epic night.

2. The Bath

Timing is important for drawing the bath. Run it too soon and you risk ending up in a freezing tub later. Too late and you might be boiling yourselves. It is imperative to draw the bath shortly before you expect your partner and make sure the water is just right.

  • Add bubble bath

Whiles it fills, add the bubble bath. This will help you add just enough, based on the quantity of water. Do not add too much bubble bath or you could find yourself with too much soap and bubble.

bubble bath
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  • Pour in some bath salts

Bath salts are next. These salts have been known to give the skin a soft feel as well as removing toxins. Again, please do not go overboard, add just enough to give your romantic bath a soft feel to the touch.

  • Scented essential bath oils

Next item on the list is sweet scented essential bath oils. These oils are also known to be very aroma therapeutic. The smells enhance good relaxation and revitalization. 

Again only a few drops required due to high concentration levels. The smells provide a comforting feel and promote deep bonding between you and your lover.

romantic bath
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  • Flower petals

Next up are your flower petals. Remove petals carefully and place them on the surface of the water. Putting petals on your bathroom floors is optional but can still be done for the feel of being surrounded by roses.

flower petals in bath tub
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Make sure you acquire items to make the bath more comfortable. Even though you are not really bathing but just enjoying each others presence. Other items like sponges and bath pillows can help in making the romantic bath experience a smooth one.

3. The Scene

You should make this experience as enjoyable and as epic as possible. In achieving this goal you should make sure that this bath is as different from a usual bath as possible. Improve the scene. Here’s how.

  • Light some romantic candles

Get sexy colored romantic candles. Dim the bathroom light or better still turn it off. Place candles in convenient places that are close enough to illuminate your faces but not too close that they can fall inside the tub.

This is to prevent you from knocking them over as well. The candles must be adequate and enough to last the entirety of the bath and not make a mess. These pretty candle holders can help prevent candle wax in unwanted places.

romantic bathroom scene
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  • Get some good music

What do you both enjoy? Get nothing too noisy or rushed, just romantic and slow. Cool instrumental music can also be a preferred choice. Remember it’s about the two of you not the music. It’s not a sing along. It’s a sweet private environment to help you connect.

Get cool speakers and a good playlist of music you both enjoy. Keep electronic appliances away from the water and make sure you can hear each other talk. Keep music in the background

bathtub with bathboard
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  • Drink

It’s an occasion to remember. Nothing too alcoholic. Something smooth on a tray caddy. Add some treats if possible. Something you both enjoy. These are trays you can fit on your tub so you don’t have to get up every time.

Careful not to spill drinks or drop crumbs in the tub. Have napkins and towels available and ready in case of emergencies. A sexy bathrobe just for this occasion can be a nice touch. Surprise your partner and make some memories.

bathtub with tray caddy
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4. Get In

Undress your partner and get in with them. Treat them like royalty. Talk to them. Tell them your feelings about them. Share an amazing romantic bath experience you won’t forget in a hurry. It’s just you in your small private heaven. Enjoy each other


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