70+ Absolutely Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoos are gaining popularity in the tattoo world lately. Butterflies are very beautiful creatures in the world, so it is understandable why a lot of females love this tattoo.

But butterflies aren’t just symbols of feminity. Butterflies symbolize transformation, freedom, rebirth, change, hope, patience, joy, bliss and the beauty of life.

We all transform through different stages in life to become what we are meant to be. So if you have gone through something in your life and you will like to commemorate making it out successful, then the butterfly tattoo is one way to go.

colored butterfly tattoo

Why go for a butterfly tattoo?

The thing about the butterfly is that it doesn’t start out as a butterfly. It starts out as a caterpillar and becomes a butterfly after it has gone through metamorphosis. Metamorphosis occurs when the conditions are right, and that is when the butterfly emerges.

This teaches patience and endurance. That is if we are able to hold on just a little bit longer, at the right time, when the conditions are right, we will also go through our own version of metamorphosis as everything will turn out alright, and we will emerge successful in whatever we are pushing through. This gives us the hope for transformation and rebirth.

The butterfly is bright and colorful and that symbolizes the beauty of life. They bring color and joy into our lives. They are insects of the wind and they appear to be dancing as they fly from one flower to the other. This symbolizes freedom and the need to keep moving in life.

So although butterfly tattoos are very beautiful, they mean more to the bearer than just a thing of beauty.

butterfly tattoo

Who is the butterfly tattoo for?

Well, anyone can have a butterfly tattoo if they want. They are beautiful. But for a deeper meaning than just a thing of beauty, then the following people can get a butterfly tattoo.

1. Someone who has gone through a big change in life

Life entails a lot. And everyone goes through different things in life. Some are more painful than others. But each of these different things we go through in life makes us who we are.

Every situation we find ourselves in makes an impact on our lives and changes us in one way or the other. Sometimes, it’s a very big change and other times is a small change. But change is change no matter how big or small.

So if you’ve gone through something in life that changed you, then the butterfly tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you.

2. The one who loves nature

Nature is beautiful, we all know that. And every once in a while we see something and we are in awe of the beauty of nature. But there are some people who really love nature and they like to be in nature.

Such people like to go for a hike in the woods or go camping. Others like to be surrounded by nature so much that they make their own garden in their backyard, just so they can be surrounded by nature all the time.

Why? Because nature is beautiful and being surrounded by nature is soothing and calming. It helps you to relax and appreciate the beauty of life. And that is the feeling the butterfly gives.

3. A person who likes to travel

The butterfly is a creature of the wind. It spreads it wings and moves from one place to another. Have you ever tried to catch a butterfly? Then you will know what I’m talking about.

The butterfly keeps swaying and dancing from one flower to the other. It likes to move and it keeps flying and that’s what makes it the perfect tattoo for the traveler.

4. Someone who sees the beauty in everything

Butterflies are very beautiful insects. Their wings are so bright and colorful. And they are just beautiful to watch. Poets use butterflies in their poems all the time to emphasize on how beautiful something is. So if you are someone who loves beauty and sees the beauty in everything, then the butterfly tattoo is for you.

5. Someone who loves butterflies

If you are someone who just loves butterflies and would love to have a butterfly tattoo, go for it. I mean what’s there not to love? Their beautiful wings, the way they dance and twirl from one flower to another? Everything about the butterfly is lovely.

Now, have we given you enough reason to consider getting a butterfly tattoo? Then keep reading to find out some gorgeous butterfly tattoo images and why they will make the perfect tattoo design for you.

Types of butterfly tattoos

There are different types of butterfly tattoos to choose from. These includes, the closed wings butterfly tattoo, the open winged butterfly tattoo, 3d butterfly tattoo, watercolor butterfly tattoo, imaginative butterfly tattoo.

Below, we will discuss more about some of the different types of butterfly tattoos with examples.

The 3D butterfly

3d tattoos are becoming very popular lately. In 3d, an extra dimension is added to give the object character. So The 3d butterfly tattoos are very realistic to look at. The shadow gives them personality making them look natural and realistic.

The imaginative butterfly designs

These type of tattoo designs for butterflies are very interesting to look at as they spark your imagination. This is because they usually aren’t just simple butterflies.

These butterflies are designed with the characteristics you want. So they can have faces, eyes and other characteristics. Others can also include flowers and any other thing you want. You can let your imagination run wild.

Colorful butterfly designs

There are two ways to do the colorful tattoos. One way is the regular colored tattoos. These tattoos are made with striking and vibrant colours to mimic natural butterflies. They are gorgeous to look at.

The other type is the watercolor butterfly tattoo design, this is also colorful but the difference between this and the regular colored tattoo is that these ones look like watercolor painting.

Teeny tats

These ones will be perfect for the one who wants a tattoo but isn’t ready for something big. It is the perfect type if you want to test the waters. If you want to know if you can be okay with having a tattoo.

This is because teeny tats are very tiny tattoos and most often, will go unrecognized. Especially if they are at a part of your body that isn’t so obvious.

Black and grey butterfly tattoo

For a classic tattoo, you can go for the back and grey butterfly tattoo. This one only uses black ink. No color is added, yet they are so beautiful.


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