6 Romantic Surprises For Your Partner

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, you become so familiar and comfortable with them. And eventually, you stop doing certain things like random romantic acts for your partner.

This starts to have an effect on the relationship and you start losing touch with each other.

If you want to keep the fire burning in your relationship, here are 5 romantic acts that will definitely surprise your partner and bring you closer together.

5 Romantic acts to surprise your partner

1. Serve them breakfast in bed

Yeah, this sounds cliché but trust me, it works. Wake up before your partner and prepare them a delicious breakfast. Wake them up with a kiss and serve them the breakfast in bed.

2. Draw them a romantic bath

After a long day at work, draw them a romantic bath. To do this, get rid of anything in or around the bathtub. Don’t forget to get rid of the shower curtains too.

Now open the tap and draw the tub. You can use their favourite bath bomb or something different they will surely love.

Sprinkle some rose petals in the tub and on the bathroom floor. You can even put some rose petals all the way to the bedroom to lead them to the bathroom.

Set the place up with some wine and music. If your partner prefers beer, get them their favourite beer.

Create a romantic playlist to play in the background. And don’t forget some sweet scented candles too to set the mood.

3. Create a romantic ambience in the bedroom

This can also be done with some rose petals on the bed and on the floors and some candles or dim light.

For the ladies, you can get a new lingerie set just to surprise your partner. And for the men, you can go completely naked and lie on the bed in a seductive position with a rose in your mouth and a bottle of wine between your thighs. I hope you get the picture.

4. Send them flowers with a beautiful note

Have flowers delivered to them either in their home or office with a note just because you love them. Doing this on a random day will definitely surprise them. You don’t have to wait till valentine’s day to give them a flower.

5. Get them jewelry

Jewelry has and will always be one of the best ways to show your partner your love and care. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive jewelry but just getting them a piece of jewelry at Boelry will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

6. Romantic getaway

Surprise them by booking a hotel room for the two of you for a weekend getaway. You can get a room with a beautiful view and also set a romantic mood in the room.

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