8 Fun Bedroom Surprises For Your Partner

If you feel like your sex life has gotten into a bit of a rut then it’s time to spice it up. Just going through the motions, so to speak, can put a major downer on the whole experience. 

So what can you do to spice things up? Let’s take a look. 

Bedroom surprises for your partner

Start sex in the middle of the night

So long as your partner doesn’t have an important meeting to attend to the following morning, you might try initiating sex in the middle of the night. He or she might like the idea that their dreams are becoming some sort of strange reality. 

Get a new piercing

If you’re not the sort of person who goes for tattoos or body piercings, this can be a great opportunity to surprise them in the bedroom. Find diamond nipple piercing jewelry you like and then get it professionally fitted. Then see what your partner says when they start taking off your clothes.

Do it silently

Making a lot of noise during the deed of darkness is par for the course, but does it have to be? Arguably not. 

If you’re the sort of couple that likes to chat during sex, then pressing the mute button occasionally can make it much more intimate. Just put your fingers to your partner’s lips and then let the magic happen. 

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Wear a costume

When it comes to sexy bedroom wear, you don’t have to stick to lingerie. Why not try wearing a costume and see whether your partner enjoys it? 

Yes, it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s so worth it. For instance, if they’re a Star Wars fanatic, why not dress up as Princess Leia. Or perhaps they like Pokémon’s Pikachu. Whatever it is, let your creativity flow. 

Use ice cubes

Ice cubes can add a lot of unexpected fun in the bedroom. Rubbing ice all over each other can be a real trigger for some people. The cold sensation may actually heighten pleasure, so why not give it a go? 

Initiate sex in a random place

The grocery store probably isn’t ideal, but there are plenty of places you can initiate sex to add a little extra passion to your relationship. It doesn’t have to be the bedroom. 

For instance, if your man is in the shed tinkering with his motorcycle, go down and visit him wearing panties and nothing else. See what he says. “Sorry love, I’m busy with the ignition system” probably won’t be one of his answers. 

Ban underwear for the evening

Walking around the house bottomless can be a great way to get your partner in the mood. You could prepare them a meal wearing an apron and nothing else. 

Take them into the shower with you

Having a shower together with your significant other can be a lot of fun. Try rubbing soap suds all over each other. It’ll soon get you in the mood. 

So which of these bedroom surprises will you be experimenting with on your partner? 

8 Fun Bedroom Surprises For Your Partner

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