10 Fun And Cheap Valentine’s Date Ideas For Couples

You may be willing to spend Valentine’s day with your partner, but the next thing that comes to mind is money. This is because even if you are willing and ready to have a good time, you may not have the money to have the good time you want.

But I can assure you that you can have a fun and cheap valentine’s date without spending a lot of money. Valentine’s Day celebration is not about the amount of money you can spend in the day but rather how you are going to enjoy the day with someone you love and care about.

You don’t need any huge amount of money to be able to enjoy Valentine’s Day. So in this article we are going to share some cheap valentine’s date ideas that are so fun.

10 cheap Valentine’s date ideas

Play a fun game at home

You can stay indoors and play some fun games at home. This can include; truth or dare, how well do you know me, body painting or naughty dice.

You can also play video games if that is what you like. You just have to make it fun by placing a bet on the game. Like may be the loser strips or massages the winner.

couple cooking together

Cook a delicious meal together at home

You can save on food if you prepare a delicious meal together at home, instead of buying or ordering from a restaurant.

Doing this together as a couple makes it more fun and intimate. So put on your apron, get in the kitchen and let’s start cooking.

Even if both of you aren’t good at cooking, you can search online for easy recipes to try at home. It will be fun no matter how it turns out.

Foods that are prepared at home taste even more delicious and cost less than restaurant foods.

Talk about your first date

Talk about the first day you met each other. do this whiles enjoying a bottle of red wine together. talk about how you both met, your first date and how far you have come together in your relationship.

 You should both talk about the good times and the fun you have together.This is a great way to remind each other how you fell in love and how much you still love each other.

Take a walk outside

Step out a while and go for walk outside. you can do this whiles listening to music together. You can also have a conversation on your walk if you do not have anything to talk about, you can ask yourselves some fun questions.

Asking fun questions helps you to know more about each other and also make the walk to be fun and full of happiness.

Visit a local comedy show;

Take your partner to any local or a nearby comedy show. Buy yourselves some beer or wine and watch the show together. Is a great way to make your partner happy.

Go skating

Depending on the weather of your area, decide on the day you can go out skating together with your partner. Perhaps you haven’t tried skating before, so take this valentines day to go skating with your partner.

Watch a romantic movie

Watch a romantic movies together at home. Doing this will help to save money. You can also take some snacks whiles watching the movie at home. Romantic movies you can watch includes; Acrimony, Everything Everything and so on.

Get ice cream

Walk together with your partner to an ice cream shop nearby to get your favourite ice cream. You can even ride on a bicycle if it is a bit far. It will be fun to ride together.

Watch youtube videos

 You can also stay at home and funny videos on youtube or even learn how to dance by watching dance lessons on youtube.


You can also try stargazing on a roof top. You can lie down with your date and watch the stars together whiles talking about your life together.

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