4 Top Date Night Ideas For Couples

2020 has seen us have to get a bit more creative with our date nights. With lockdown meaning, many of us couldn’t go to restaurants, bars, or any of the usual date night haunts.

We were forced to think outside of the box and find something to do from home instead. After all, just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.

Why not think of some of your best dates ever and try and replicate them from home? You may find that you prefer your at-home date night ideas even better than those you used to do! Here are five date night ideas.

Date night ideas

A Home Cinema

There is nothing like a good movie to get you in the mood for a date night. For this, you could head to a nearby drive-in cinema and take your Honda B16 engine for a spin, or you could recreate a cinema in your living room.

Create a set up with lots of cushions and blankets, set up a selection of films, and get together all the best cinema snacks. You could get some themed popcorn buckets and large drinks of pop, as well as print out some homemade cinema tickets.

couple on a picnic

A Picnic

If the weather is nice, this can be done outside, but if the weather is miserable, then an indoor picnic is just as fun! Lay out a large picnic blanket, then make a spread of all of your favorite foods as a couple.

You could do a theme, or just put together all the things you both like to eat most. Make some sandwiches, get some bubbly, and enjoy a date night where you just eat, drink and catch up with each other without the disruption of screens.

A Themed Games Night

There is nothing quite like a games night with your other half. There are places online that offer themed date night game boxes, but you can also make your own.

You could do a funfair themed night complete with hoopla and hook a duck, a casino themed night, or just get out Monopoly for a competitive evening of fun.

Whichever you choose, you are sure to have a good laugh with each other that you won’t forget in a while!

movie date night

A Fancy Dinner

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go out to a fancy restaurant or you are just looking to save some funds, you can bring the restaurant experience home to you.

Cover your dining table in a white cloth, bring out the candles, and cook a romantic meal for two. Crack open a bottle of wine and tuck into three delicious courses. You could go the next step further and dress up for the occasion, wearing a nice dress or suit to really impress your other half.

These are just some fun date night ideas for you and your other half to try. Make the most of being in your own home to dress it up, have fun and just revel in each other’s company. You will likely have some of the most memorable dates of your relationship this way!


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