How To Be Sexy

How many times have you said to yourself ” wow, that man or woman is one sexy piece”. Anyone can be sexy. you don’t even have to be pretty to be sexy.

Being sexy is a groove you get in. A certain confidence that surrounds you and gets people to notice you. It entails the right stuff and the right moves about you. You can get people to fall for you without even noticing.

When you are sexy, people fantasize about you. They want you. They love to be around you. Being appealing attractive is normally dependent on being attracted. There are ways however to create the sexy you.

What works for others might not work for you. Your appearance should compliment who you are and not who you are pretending to be. Below we will discuss some easy tips on how to be sexy.

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Easy tips on how to be sexy

Dress to stand out

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Some people feel safe when wearing their normal clothes because it makes them feel secure. But being sexy is more than normal. So wear something different.

Wear clothes that makes you pop. Clothes that assentuate your good parts. If it’s your butts, your thigh or your breast, get clothes that will reveal more than clothes than conceal them. If you don’t have any of such clothes, then it’s time to go shopping, get a change of wardrobe.

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Spend money to primp up

Get your body ready. Being sexy is more like a full time job. People starts referring you to as ” That sexy guy or girl”. Get a workout routine going. Schedule a massage, yoga and anything that relaxes you and makes your body ready.

Such routines reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself. When your body feels right you feel right. Only then will you feel confident enough to get out there.

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Smile more

The point of being sexy is to get more people to notice you so be warm and welcoming. Smile more but not too much. Just enough to hook them. Smiling makes you approachable to people. Different smiles can mean different things. Work on the ones that works for you.

Keep good hygiene

You can’t be sexy when you’re not clean. Keep good hygiene that includes all parts of the body. Don’t let your hair be too dirty for too long. Keep your trips to the groomers short in between.

Get a change of hairstyle, one that fits the shape of your face perfectly. If your hair is always straightened, You can switch from straight hair to curly hair. You can use a product like Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard to define your curls.

Deodorants and feminine washes should be your friend. Looking good is not enough, you have to smell good too. So take regular shower, brush your teeth at least twice a day and wear clean clothes too. Just take proper care of your hair, teeth and nails.

Get a personal style

Style is and can be personal. Your own scent or musk can make you very sexy. People will know you are close by. Get your signature appearance. Your hair do must complement your face. Own it. Let it be yours.

Sexiness is inborn. It’s how you feel about the things on your body. Feeling confident about yourself is a very important step in being sexy. Pick a style you feel confident in and step out.

Confidence is key

As already mentioned, you can’t be sexy if you’re not confident in your own appearance and ability. Sexy people know they are sexy, they don’t wait for people to tell them.

Be careful not to set too high standards that make you feel inadequate. If a social media accounts makes you feel horrible about yourself, unfollow it. Follow the ones that give you attainable goals.

Feel positive about yourself. No matter the challenge and people who threatens your self esteem, have confidence in yourself.

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Be interesting

Just because you are sexy should not make you dull. Remember, the sexiness does not totally define you. Let people discover more of you when they get pass your sexiness. Don’t be a pretty moron. Be interesting.

Learn to cook, skate or do anything that is fun. Just because you’re sexy shouldn’t make people think that’s all you are good for, looking pretty. If you are an intelligent person, don’t ditch that, that will double your appeal. Don’t play dumb just to make people concentrate on the fact that you are sexy.

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Build your signature wardrobe

When you find the clothes and items that fit you perfectly, get those types of clothes. Some people build a signature wardrobe with bodycon dresses, others prefer two piece outfits. Whatever your preference, just feel your wardrobe with that.

If you are someone with an hourglass shape, then bodycon dresses will fit you perfectly. If you have beautiful legs, show them off by wearing mini dresses and shorts. If your best features are your breasts, then some low cut tops will do. Figure out what your best feature is and build your signature wardrobe based on that.

Get yourself the right pair of shoes. High heels can transform any outfit from simple to glamorous and instantly make you look sexy and gorgeous.

Your beauty products should not run out. Get a constant supply chain if you have to. It can be embarrassing and a hustle when your favorite product or clothing for an occasion is not readily available.

Get rid of bad habits

Biting your nails, plucking your brows, picking your nose and other disgusting habits must stop. Some may happen unknowingly but someone else might notice.Sexy people don’t put other people off with bad habits. Everything they do is sex, so let go all those bad habits because those aren’t sexy!

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Look sexy all the time

Being sexy shouldn’t be an occassional thing, make it a habit. You see the perfect personification of sexy, check out ” Gloria” in modern family. She always looks her best, whether she is going to bed or she just woke up.

If you are in a relationship then make them happy and lucky to have you. Don’t wear sweats to bed, wear clothes that makes your partner want you always. If you are married, don’t stop being sexy. Appear sexy in everything.

Whether you are cooking or cleaning the house, still be sure to look sexy. Wear sexy clothes even when you are home doing nothing or getting chores done. A short clothing that reveals your legs or pump out your chest may be way to do go during household clean up.

Look sexy even when you are going to bed. Get a good night time routine going on for you and wear a sexy lingerie or nightie to bed.


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