Journey To A Smile You Love

Are you, like many others, aware of problems with your teeth? Does this cause you to try and hide them during conversation or in photographs?

Maybe you are simply looking for a way to boost the confidence you have in your smile, or you get enjoyment from enhancing your aesthetic appearance. If so, cosmetic treatments might be a way forward for you.

Many dental practices offer a range of dental treatments (alongside facial aesthetics) which help to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Of course it is important to highlight that the appearance of one’s teeth may be an indicator of other dental conditions that may need addressing with general treatments before cosmetic dentistry is an appropriate road to go down.

The most suitable way to decide what is best for you as an individual is to book a consultation with your dentist Liverpool to discuss your personal needs.

Journey To A Smile You Love
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What are cosmetic dental treatments?

It is understandable to assume that people only go to the dentist for treatment of general dental issues, however in our ever changing society it is becoming more and more popular to visit the dentist with the intention of improving the aesthetic of your smile. The treatments which are used to achieve this are often referred to as cosmetic dentistry.

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So, what cosmetic dental treatments are available to patients? There are several options:

  • Teeth Whitening: There are many possible causes for staining to appear on the teeth. For example, this can be caused by smoking or eating habits, but also can happen as a result of certain medical conditions. Depending upon the cause of the stainage to your teeth, your dentist may have a particular recommendation for the most suitable whitening option for you. Teeth whitening may be the most simple way to boost the appearance of your smile. It is a popular choice for people with significant events coming up in their calendars.
  • Porcelain Veneers: These are tailor made for you, and are a thin layer of porcelain which can be bonded to remaining natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are often used to cover chipped and/ or misshapen teeth. They can be used for just one, several, or a whole set of teeth. Where a whole set of veneers is chosen, many people will also choose to lighten the shade of their teeth using these veneers.
  • Cosmetic bonding: Also a method used to reshape teeth which have been chipped or even those with gaps, cosmetic bonding is a way of improving the appearance of one’s smile in a less invasive manner. The material used is tooth coloured which helps to prevent it from standing out against the natural tooth. This procedure can often be done without the need for drilling.
  • White fillings: These are an *almost* invisible method of fixing holes and restoring broken and decayed teeth. They help to maintain a natural look (as we have several shades available helping us to achieve a close match with your natural teeth) and are made with durable material.
  • Gum shaping: Similarly to how a picture in the wrong frame can be displeasing to the eye, so also can the shape of the gums have a negative impact on the appearance of your teeth. Reshaping the gums can lengthen the appearance of the teeth, improving the confidence you feel in your smile.
  • Teeth reshaping: A contouring technique is used on the teeth which impacts the way in which light is reflected off the teeth. With this minimal adjustment we can make your teeth appear straighter. Teeth can also be made more level in using this method.
  • Smile makeovers: A smile makeover consultation is a great way to discuss all of the options available to help achieve a smile you love. It is possible that a combination of treatments may be needed in order to help you meet this goal, and this is something we can plan out in a consultation.

It is always best to discuss these treatments with a dentist to be able to accurately diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.


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