8 Easy Self Care Tips For Busy People

For people who can not find any free time for themselves, it may be difficult to take care of yourself . Some people have been known to exclaim that “I wish the day had more than 24 hours”.

This is because, they are busy all day and hardly have any time for themselves, so if the day had more hours they could have a little time for themselves.

If you find yourself in this bracket, you may be ignoring the healthy essentials neccessary for your body’s well being.

We spend most of our time at work, between meetings, meeting deadlines and taking care of the kids and the family, we get very little time for ourselves.

Here are some tips for caring for yourself even when you are too busy. Remember, you need to take care of yourself too, so you can better take care of other people and things like work.

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Self care tips for busy people

1. Sleep

Do not postpone sleep. When its time to sleep, make sure you get enough of it. There are apps out there that will ensure you get optimal sleep when you are always on the go.

Sleep time should not be underestimated. This helps you feel refreshed everytime you wake up and condition your mind right for the busy day you have ahead. Your body is also fully energized and you dont feel tired.

2. Workout when you can

Workout throughout the day when you get the chance. This may sound absurd to a busy person but its really not. Avoid elevators if the distance to your destination isn’t too far. From the 2nd floor to the 5th floor seems like a very attractive workout routine when you take the stairs.

Walk to the cafeteria everyday if its not too far. Some people like to uber everywhere, walk when you can. Learn to do a light walk if the distance isn’t too far.

You can also workout at your desk at the office. Get up every thirty minutes and stretch for a minute or two. This will get some simple workout under your belt.

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3. Eat right

Avoid foods that bloat you up. Go for foods that are easily digestible. Eat foods with high nutritional value. Avoid junk food. When you are always on the go, it is easier to get takeouts and foods you can eat on the go.

To take good care of yourself, pack your own lunch. Take some few minutes every morning to pack a healthy lunch for work. Salmon, kale, garlic, potatoes are all foods you can try inputinng in your diet. This will keep your engine healthy and running.

4. Set reasonable targets

Don’t go overboard. Set reasonable targets that won’t mentally break you down. If your limit is reached, do not exert your body. This puts unneccessary stress on you mentally and physcially and induces fatigue.

Take a break when you are tired, breaks allow your body to rest and re-energize for the work ahead.

5. Use a planner

Using a planner can be a really great way to remember tasks and certain important things. If you are stressed out and can’t remember dates and times of appointments, then put them down in your daily planner.

Use scheduling tools to schedule emails and meeting dates whiles you personally handle the important things.

6. Get help

It can be hard on you to get everything done by yourself. So get help. You can ask your family or friends to help out when they can. You can also hire help if you can. This can give you some time to relax.

It’s not easy letting someone take care of your work for you. Mostly because we feel people can’t do the job exactly as we want. But it is important to get the help.

You can guide them on doing things the way you want. Sometimes even if they don’t do it your way, their way might end up working great for you. So just give them a try.

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7. Drink more water

If you are busily working all day, you might forget to hydrate as frequently as needed. But it is very important to take in a lot of water, especially because you work all day.

Get a water bottle and fill it with water. Make sure to drink water every hour to keep you hydrated.

8. Switch off social media

After a hectic day, most people get in bed and pick up their phones and tablets to scroll through social media and text friends. This can keep you up at night when you are supposed to be resting.

So switch off social media, and just rest on the bed till you fall asleep. Once you are in bed and relaxing, your body can rest up even if you don’t fall asleep right away.


When you are busy with work all the time, it can be difficult to take time out to take care of yourself. But this is very important for your wellbeing. To be able to get work done right, you need to take good care of yourself too.

So practice these self care tips when you can. Get a planner, it will totally make life and getting things done a lot easier for you.


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