34 Best Supernatural Tattoo Ideas For Supernatural Fans

If you love supernatural, then you are going to love these beautiful supernatural tattoo ideas.

1. Salt and burn supernatural tattoo

In supernatural, hunters get rid of ghosts by salting and burning their remains. Sometimes, they have to dig up their graves and burn their remains.

And in instances where the body was cremated, they they find something that was valuable to the ghost when he/she was alive that they could be attached to. And they salt and burn it.

The D.W on the lighter represents Dean Winchester, and the pentagram represents the devils’s trap.

2. Angels’ blade, Ruby’s knife and the colt, the devil’s trap and the anti possession tattoo

saving people hunting things tattoo

This tattoo combines a lot of different things from the show. The colt, an angel’s blade, Rub’s knife, the devil’s trap and a quote.

The colt is a gun that was made by Samuel Colt and it’s supposed to be able to kill anything supernatural. But as the show went on, we realised that, the colt couldn’t kill certain supernatural beings like angels and arch angels including Lucifer.

The angel’s blade is the one thing that can kill angels and it can also kill demons.

Ruby’s knife– In the early seasons of the show, demons could only be killed with the colt. But in season 3, a demon named Ruby was able to kill other demon’s using her special knife, which later came into the possession of Sam and Dean who used it in their war against demons.

The devil’s trap is used to trap demon’s. Once a demon is inside the circle, it can’t step out.

The anti possession tattoo– Sam and Dean have this tattooed on the upper left side of their chest to prevent demon possession.

Saving people, hunting things, the family business– This is a quote by Dean to his brother after their dad died. He told sam that “Dad want;s us to pick up where he left off. Saving people, hunting things, the family business”

3. Baby

supernatural imapala tattoo

Baby is Dean’s car, a 1967 chevy impla. It was given to him by his dad, he calls it ‘baby’ and he loves it very much.

4. Sam and Dean and the anti possession tattoo

sam and dean supernatural tattoo

Sam and Dean are the main characters of the show. They are brothers, who were raised by their dad to hunt supernatural things.

Sam and Dean have a tattoo of the anti-possession tattoo on their chest to prevent any demon from being able to take control of their body through demon possession.

5. Sam, Dean and Baby

Sam , Dean and Baby tattoo

A baby is more than a car to the brothers. For a long time they didn’t have a home but they always had baby.

6. Always keep fighting and the anti possession tattoo

always keep fighting tattoo

In season 2, born under a bad sign, Sam was possessed by a demon but in the end, they were able to exorcise the demon. So Bobby gave them a charm to prevent them from being possessed again and they tattooed that on their upper left chest to prevent demon possession.

Always keep fighting is actually a campaign Jared Padalecki, the actor who plays Sam Winchester in the supernatural tv show. He started this campaign after he came out that he battles anxiety and depression.

7. The anti possession tattoo and quote supernatural tattoo

carry on my wayward son

The quote “Carry on wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done” is a line from the song carry on wayward son by Kansas. This song is often played in almost all the season finale’s of supernatural.

8. The trench coat and good things do happen quote

Castiel's trench coat tattoo. Good things do happen

The trench coat is Castiel’s outfit. Castiel is the angel who took Dean’s soul from hell and brought him back to life. After Dean came back to life, he didn’t understand why an angel would rescue him from hell but Castiel told him “good things do happen”.

9. The mark of Cain supernatural tattoo

The mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain was both a lock and a key that God used to lock away the darkness. He gave the key which is the mark to Lucifer who also gave it to Cain to use to wield the power of the first blade. Cain also passed on the mark to Dean to be able to wield the power of the first blade.

10. Dean and Carry on wayward son quote

Dean tattoo

A tattoo of Dean with the carry on wayward son quote. This reminds me of how many times Dean felt he was tired but he always keeps going and fighting the good fight.

11. Demon Dean supernatural tattoo

Demon Tattoo

Dean became a demon after he died with the Mark of Cain.

12. Saving people quote supernatural tattoo

saving people, hunting things, the family business

Here we have a tattoo ofangel’s wings, angel blade, the impala, the anti possession tattoo and the quote “saving people. hunting things. the family business”.

13. Love supernatural tattoo

supernatural tattoo

This uses key objects of supernatural to spell out love. Here we have, the mark of Cain as L.The anti possession tattoo as O. A pair of angel’s wings as V. And then the colt, Ruby’s knife, an angel’s blade and the impala make up E.

14. God was never on my side #teamfreewill


God was never on my side was the song that was playing at the end of the season 14 finale. After Sam tried to kill God (Chuck), he got angry and said welcome to the end. Then he opened the gates of hell for demons and ghosts to get out and walk the earth again.

#Teamfreewill– This team is made up of Castiel, Sam and Dean. Jack also became a part of team free will when he joined the family.

15. Supernatural symbols tattoo

supernatural symbols

Here we have the anti possession tattoo, the mark of Cain and the devil’s trap.

16. The colt and the first blade supernatural tattoo

the colt and first blade tattoo

The colt is the only gun that can kill a demon and some other supernatural creatures.

The first blade is a bone that can kill knights of hell if you wield the power of the mark of Cain.

17. Family don’t end with blood quote and anti possession tattoo

family don'[t end with blood

Family don’t end with blood is something Bobby told Dean. After their dad died, Bobby became like a father to the boys and they were like family. Bobby also gave them the anti possession charm which they used as a tattoo.

18. Jerk Bitch supernatural tattoo

Jerk. Bitch.

This is something the brothers call themselves. Sam calls Dean jerk, and Dean responds with Bitch.

19. I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it

I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it

Dean said this in season 1. His father sent him on a hunt in a town. He was served apple pie when he got there and in the end, they tried sacrificing him to a god. So after they tied him up, he screamed “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it”.

20. Angels’ wings with don’t you cry no more quote

dont you cry no more

Don’t you cry no more is a quote from carry on wayward son. A song by Kansas that is played in the beginning of supernatural season finales.

21. The colt and the impala supernatural tattoo

the colt and the impala tattoo

A tattoo of the colt and the impala.

22. The anti possession tattoo supernatural tattoo

anti possession tattoo

23. Anti possession tattoo with dont you cry no more quote

supernatural anti possession tattoo

24. Skull Castiel supernatural tattoo

skull castiel tattoo

Castiel, like the boys have died and come back to life so many times in the show.

25. Sam and Dean, Crowley and Castiel

supernatural tattoo ideas

Crowley was a crossroads demon who became the King of hell after Lucifer was trapped in the cage.

26. Never give up quote with anti possession tattoo

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from the boys, it is to never give up. They don’t give up on anything no matter how hard it gets. They keep fighting. They keep going hard.

27. Castiel

Castiel is the angel who brought Dean back from hell. He grew attached to the boys and they all became a family.

28. Front side of the impala

29. The anti possession tattoo

30. Sam, Dean and Castiel

Sam, Dean and Castiel standing by the impala.

31. Anti possession tattoo with wings

32. It’s supposed to be me and you against the world

Just as any normal brothers, Sam and Dean fight sometimes. “It’s supposed to be me and you against the world” is something Sam said to Dean during one of their fights.

33. Supernatural logo with wings

supernatural logo with wings tattoo

34. The first blade

the first blade tattoo

The first blade was the weapon that was used to destroy the knights of hell. To be able to use the first blade, you have to wield the power of the mark of Cain.



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    September 26, 2021 / 12:05 pm

    Can you credit the artists of these tattoos.
    Because not crediting us is going to lead to tattoo designs being stolen and I’m a bit fed up of my work being re-done because of sites like this.
    I appreciate the sentiment but please credit each artist.
    Salt and burn tattoo: BelleNoire_Tattoo (insta)

    • Wendee
      September 27, 2021 / 5:47 pm

      Sorry about that Belle, the credit has been added for yours

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