Profitable Digital Products To Sell

You might be hoping to replace your full-time job with multiple income streams, or you might be hoping to generally increase your income with a side business. 

No matter which one you and what your future plans are, there are some digital products that should be on your radar as possible options. 

Digital products are one of the easiest things that you can create in your spare time, and once you have created them – depending on the content – you can leave them for sale indefinitely. 

Often you will see digital products in the form of eBooks, downloads, courses, workbooks, or even full video content. The purpose of the products is to help or inform the person who buys them.

Why are digital products great?

It is hard to deny that there are so many different digital products that you might think the market is oversaturated. But the fact is that there are millions of people looking for access to the information you have. So why not sell it? 

Digital products are incredible because they will never run out; you don’t only have 100 to sell, you have an infinite amount. Once it is created, you can sit back and let your passive income work for you. All you’ll need is something like and a few ideas of what you want to sell. 

Not to mention that your start-up costs are some of the lowest around. 

So here are a couple of digital products that you should be considering for that passive income stream that you are dreaming about: 

3 profitable digital products

Courses and education

The internet is packed with people who are trying to learn something, and if you can teach it, then this can be a very profitable avenue to explore. Once you have settled on a topic, you’ll need to start building something that is packed with value and leaves your learners feeling like they got their money’s worth. 

Education can come in many forms, so you aren’t restricted to just an eBook. You can create supporting workbooks, videos, a podcast, and a private forum for discussion. 


Lightroom presets, WordPress templates, eBook templates – anything that people can use quickly and easily will sell well. It’s not just templates that people can import or use with one click; that is incredible resources. You can also create photoshop sets, and music beats too. 

Templates for planners are always very popular, as they can be used by anyone who wants to get themselves more organized – but you’ll benefit more if you choose a niche like starting a blog, launching a website, or finance. 

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There are a lot of guides online that teach people how to do something; these are usually less formal than the courses, though. A guide should help guide someone from a-to-b with ease. 

If you have a successful Instagram, YouTube, or Podcast already, you can create a guide that shows other people how they can do it too. 

But it’s not just those things; you can create guides for fixing computer problems, making bread, being more confident – almost anything that people need help with. 

Before you take the leap to sell what you know, it is important that you make sure you have maximized your own knowledge, too.

Profitable Digital Products To Sell

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