Top 10 Sexiest Mortal Kombat Girls

Sexiest Mortal Kombat Girls

To many gamers holding a controller, it is just about defeating an opponent, beating a level, reaching the End or simply finally saving the princess. Mortal Kombat lovers play for more than this.

Apart from the satisfaction of defeating an opponent, MK lovers have an insatiable thirst for violence. This involves the remorseless destruction of the human anatomy through dramatic beheadings and gore illustrated in bloody fatalities and brutalities.

Mortal Kombat girls are noted for more than just their supernatural strengths and abilities but also their psychosexual appearances, bloodcurdling screams and clever catch phrases.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most eye catching mistresses of doom to have ever graced the MK franchise.

Top 10 sexiest Mortal Kombat girls.

1. Jade

Number 1 on our list is Jade. Jade is depicted as a green ninja who worked as an assassin for an evil emperor called Shao Khan. She is an Edemian who possesses a steel rod and catlike kombat techniques.

She likes to dismember her opponents with her steel rod and blow a kiss of death in their ears which eventually possesses them to self destruct.

2. Mileena

Hot Mileena Mortal Kombat

Mileena, our number 2 is depicted as a magenta ninja princess who wields a dual dagger like sai. Mileena wears a veil that hides her half Tarkata face and large fang-like teeth. She is an evil-like version of Kitana who was created by Shao Khan.

She destroys her victims by stashing them with her dual-pronged weapons and eating them live with her exposed fangs.

3. Kitaana

Kitana is a princess of the Outworld and the adopted daughter of Shao Khan. She is depicted as a blue palette ninja who wields two bladed ornamental fans.

Her fans are common weapons she uses to hurt her opponents. The kiss of death is one of her signature moves as well as decapitation with her bladed fans. She ranks at number 3.

4. Cassie Cage

Cassie is depicted as the daughter of Original Mortal Kombat characters Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. She is a spoilt sergeant who has inherited her father’s confidence and snarky remarks.

Her easily identifiable characteristics include her blonde hair, sunglasses, cocky attitude and her hand guns. Her deadly techniques reflect her snarky character as her fatalities involve taking selfies and showing defiance in the cheekiest of ways. She’s number 4.

5. Tanya

Coming at number 5 of t he sexiest Mortal Kombat girls is Tanya. She hails from Edenia. And was a subject of Shinnok and later served in the deadly alliance.

She is depicted in a ninja leotard with black and yellow colours wielding her signature weapons, two sharp boomerang knives. Her sinister glowing white eyes make her a terrifying opponent.

Her finishing moves involve a kiss death and gruesome disembowelment with her high heels.

6. Skarlet

At number 6 is Skarlet, one of Shao Khan’s adopted daughters who is depicted as a red mistress and deadly enforcer. Her adventures are purely related to pleasing her father. She is red haired with grey eyes with primarily red and black clothing.

Skarlet’s combat techniques heavily involve blood matter being contorted into weapons like balls, spears and other solid weapons. Skarlet loves the blood of her enemies and subsists on them.

7. Frost

Frost was Sub Zero’s apprentice. She was later banished by her master when she challenged his fitness to lead. Frost has freezing powers and is depicted as a beautiful ice commanding blue character.

She likes to freeze the area within which she fights her opponents rather than freezing them directly. She can create two sharp knives from ice which she uses skillfully to defeat her enemies.

Her deadly moves involve her turning her enemies into easily breakable ice statues after which she dismantles them with deadly attacks. She is ranked at number 7.

8. Sonya Blade

At number 7 of the sexiest Mortal Kombat girls is Sonya Blade. Sonya is a commander of the Earthrealm special forces. She is a gorgeous, tough, defiant combatant who is a long term rival of Black dragon leader Kano.

Her relationship with Johnny Cage brought forth their daughter Cassie Cage. She is depicted as a stern woman wearing a green sports bra and trunks sometimes and a soldier’s outfit other times.

Her fire ball blow is a signature move as well as her military grade automatic weapons and helicopter.

9. Sheeva

At number 9 comes Sheeva. Sheeva is of the species Shokan which is characterized by four armed half humans. She is muscular and tall and the personal bodyguard of Queen Sindel.

Like most Shokans she can summon a fireball as well as teleport up and down for multiple stomps on her enemies. Her signature killer moves involve her holding her enemies with one set of arms while dismembering them with the other set. Shocking!!!

10. Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui Briggs is the daughter of Jax. She rebelled against her father and pursued a career in kickboxing which later led her to join the special forces. Jacqui now protects Earthrealm and seeks revenge for her father’s sufferings in the hands of Quan Chi and Ermac.

She is depicted as a young black girl with cornrows and a military attire. She wears standard issue pads and mechanically powered gauntlets on her hands.

Jacqui destroys her enemies with sophisticated deadly technology which include ripping open their bodies with a barrage of bullets and slicing them open with sharp glass blades.
She is ranked at 10.

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