How To Start A Conversation With A Lady

Most guys get anxious when it comes to approaching a girl for the first time and starting a conversation with her.It can seem like a very scary thing to do.

So there’s this lady you see all the time. You want to get to know her. You want to be her friend or may be even ask her out on a date but you have no idea how to do it. And you don’t even know what to say when you come face to face with her.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading to find out how to approach and talk to her.

Now before you even walk up to her, make sure that you are well groomed. It will be difficult to hold a conversation with a lady if you are not well dressed or your hair is messed up.

Be confident when you spaeak to her and look her in the eyes when you talk. Don’t be looking down or up at the ceiling or around the room. Don’t look at her chest or look her from up to down like you are checking her out. Just make eye contact with her and talk to her.

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Steps to start a conversation with a lady

1. Approach her

You can’t stand across the room and begin shouting to talk to her. You need to walk up to her and say something to her. So gather courage and approach the girl you want to have a conversation with.

Once you are face to face with her, just smile and say hi. Eerybody likes a smile. Tell her your name and ask of hers.
Example: Hi I’m Andy, can i please know your name?

2. Ask of how she is doing

Politely ask of how she is doing and be ready and willing to listen to her. This is because when you show interest in how she is doing, it will keep her engaged in the conversation.

Girls like it when guys are interseted in learning more about how they are and how their day went. So simply ask, “please, how are you?” or “how was your day?” Show concern when she begins to tell you how her day went.

3. Ask what she does

First, you have to tell her what you do and then ask her what she does. When you tell her what you do first, it will make her feel at ease to tell you what she does. This way she wouldn’t feel like she is just telling a stranger things about herself.

4. Engage in situational conversation

Talk about something general. Like the weather or an upcoming event or something on the news. Let her know your views on whatever it is and ask her what she thinks.

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5. Read her cues

Watch her closely and pick up on her cues. Is she smiling? Does she seem interested in the conversation? If she keeps smiling and talking more, you can keep talking to her.

But if she doesn’t seem to be enjoying the conversation, cut the conversation short and leave her be.

6. Ask her interesting questions

This includes asking her simple questions. Like what is your favourite movie? Or what superpower would you want to have? What is your favourite music at the moment? Or what animal would you like to be?

7. Throw in a joke

Ask a girl what she wants in a guy and the list will include a guy who can make her laugh. So throw in a casual joke. Nothing over the top. Just something to get her to laugh.

8. Compliment her

Girls like compliments. But compliment her for something more than her looks. Girls like to know that they can be noticed for something else other than their looks.

Don’t be scared to start a conversation with a lady. Be bold. Walk up to her and just be yourself.



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