Top 5 Free Dating Apps For Teens In 2022

Have you come across dating apps with strict age restrictions?

It is true that online dating and hookup cultures have become popular among the above-21 crowd. But, teens with an age range of around 18 to 20 years must be frustrated. There are several dating apps intended for young users, and thus, you can easily find lots of potential crushes.

5 free dating apps for teens


This dating platform is available only on the web. You will find a personalized space at Teens.Town. Moreover, it relies on advanced algorithms to look for matches with similar interests. Although there is no dedicated mobile app, the web platform is accessible from your phone.

The Home Page shows you a list of a few verified members and newly joined members. Popular member photos are clearly displayed on the page.

Teens.Town enables you to block the chosen members from communicating with you. It is useful when you receive several messages from members. Furthermore, you can send virtual gifts and engage in live chat sessions.


The dating app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Your minimum age should be 18 years to join the dating community in Happn. The app lets you cross paths with other users. You may chat with them, get Crushes, and play CrushTime.

It’s also important to mention that Happn has a free version. In fact, there are many free dating apps for teens that can be used free of charge.

Invite your friends to join Happn and receive free Hellos. Every accepted invitation gives you 5 Hellos. But, you may also buy Hellos from the in-app store.

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As a popular dating app for teenagers, Bumble offers a range of features. The yellow interface with an integrated chat functionality keeps you engaged in the dating world. The user verification process has minimized the number of fake profiles.

Female users get priority while matching with connections. Male members need to respond to messages within 24 hours. Connections remain valid for a particular period. Bumble is intended for users above 18.

Other interesting features include video/audio calls, Basic Info Badges, search preferences, and Question Game. To make your profile get noticed easily, you can choose the premium version. Make sure to stay safe while dating online. We have a full safety guide that you can check out here.


SpotAFriend is an under-18 dating app that connects you with teens from the UK, Australia, Canada, France, and several other countries. The age range of the majority of users is 13 to 19 years. The integrated chat feature makes it easy to communicate with others.

However, the app is not specially designed for dating. You can make friends with other teens using the app. The free version is available for 15 days. The app uses geo-location, and thus, it shares your real-time location with others. You have to be careful about it.


Taffy is one of the apps for dating and making friendships. At Taffy, you need to accept the chat-first approach to encounter other users. You will find everyone’s profile blurry.

When you chat with a member, his profile photo will become visible to you. It ensures that no one can judge you based on your snap. However, as it is one of the newly released apps, you may not find several users.

Top 5 Free Dating Apps For Teens In 2022

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