How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants

Everybody needs somebody and it can be sad when you find yourself alone and it feels like nobody wants to be with you. The truth is no matter who you are, somebody wants you. Somebody wants to be with you. So if you find yourself in a situation like that, don’t ever think or feel like nobody wants you.

Now, although somebody wants you, not everybody will want you. I know you’ve come across a girl who every guy seems to want to be with and it makes you wonder how you can be like her. How you can also be the girl that every guy in the room has eyes for.

Well, that is definitely not going to be an easy thing to do, but it isn’t difficult either. All you have to do is to adopt some new habits that will make you desirable to most guys. We’ll take a look at these things.

6 tips to be the girl every guy wants

Look attractive

I know, it sounds shallow but it’s the truth. The first step to being the woman every man wants to be with is to look attractive. Looking attractive doesn’t mean you should dress indecently, you can still look attractive and classy at the same time, Get your hair and makeup done, look fashionable and you are definitely going to get a lot of guy’s attention.

Be confident

Now you have to be confident because confidence is in fact sexy. If you are looking attractive but you aren’t confident in yourself, then it will be hard for any man to want you. Men are as a matter of fact turned on by confident women.

But being confident doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful and rude. Be confident in yourself but be respectful to others.


Yes, something as simple as a smile can make you desirable to all men. Although guys are always thought of as brave and bold, they are still human and because of that, they can feel intimidated and get nervous around girls.

So all you have to do to let a man freely approach you is to smile at him. Just a simple smile can be all the boost he needs to say something to you.

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Be a good listener

Everybody likes somebody who makes them feel heard. So be a good listener, let him know he can always talk to you and you are always there to give him a listening ear.

By doing this, you let him know he can always confide in you and that is a very important trait that everybody looks for in a partner.

Be honest

You know what they say, honesty is the best policy. Lies and deceit are always a turn-off. So be an honest person. Be truthful and sincere, don’t brag. I know it might seem like telling lies to get people interested in you can work.

Well, yes, it can. It can totally work. Your lies can get people to show interest in you. But the thing is their interest wouldn’t be in who you are but in who you are pretending to be. So what happens when they find out it was all a lie and you are not who you said you were? Everything comes crashing down on you and you lose them.

Wear perfume

Just as smelling bad can be a turn-off, smelling good can make you irresistible. So always make sure you smell good. Shower daily, wash your hair, use deodorant, take good care of your skin and wear perfume. Perfume is sensual and it can make anyone want to get close to you, so smell good.

How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants


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