25 Questions With Liz Breygel Of January Girl

Liz Breygel blogs at the January Girl, and today we find out 25 things about her. Keep reading.

1. What is your biggest wish?
Wendee, you are starting with the hardest and the most interesting questions:) One of my biggest wishes at the moment is to have a  joyful and fruitful life. I want to bring happiness to all the people I love and be helpful to the readers of my blogs. I believe in a Small Deeds Theory and wish all the people in did little good things every new day, making our world a better place.

2. What is the best present you ever received?
One of the best presents I ever received was a gift by my lovely husband. He gave me my first tablet ever and now I can’t imagine my everyday life without this gadget. I found it more useful and convenient for daily usage than a cell phone or even laptop.

3. What is the worst gift you ever received?
I don’t remember receiving a bad gift. Every little present I ever received brought happiness and excitement to me.

4. What was your first job?
I was a flyer distributor once! It is one of the hardest jobs for people with social anxiety, but I managed to survive and even bought myself a fancy pair of sneakers 😉

5. When did you burst into tears last time?
Ah, it literally happened yesterday. I rewatched one of the most touching and deep movies ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and cried  like a baby.

6. What is your most favourite makeup brand?
I won’t be too whimsy here. Everyone knows how great MAC’s foundations, Fenty’s highlighters and Urban Decay’s palettes are. But, one of my favourite makeup brands, is simplistic and affordable Essence cosmetics.

7. What is your favourite cosmetic?
There is nothing better for dry facial skin, than nourishing BB cream with SPF. I love using BB and CC creams especially during stuffy summer days.

8. Which brand’s eyeliner do you love the most?
Maybelline and NYX both have some great liquid and pencil eyeliners. They are long-lasting and easy to work with.

9. Which three cosmetics are always in your handbag?
Hand moisturizer, nourishing lip balm and perfume miniature never leave my handbag. I always need to have these three cosmetic items with me, wherever I go.

10. A concealer or a foundation. What do you apply first?
I prefer to apply foundation first and, after it sits on my skin for a few minutes, proceed to concealer. If I apply concealer before foundation, it tends to move and reveal troublesome areas, which I wanted to hide.

11. An eyeliner or a mascara?
Let’s be honest, eyeliner never looks great without mascara. If you apply eyeliner and do not complete your eye look with at least few coats of volumizing mascara, then your makeup won’t be stunning.

12. Name a cosmetic product you avoid using in summers?
I would not recommend using Avon cosmetics in summer. They have few  oil-based foundations and very runny eyeliners. I’m not a big fan of Catrice and NYC brands, they do not perform well when the weather is hot. Make sure to use makeup with SPF for an extra round of sun protection.

13. Name a cosmetic brand you avoid during winters?
I would avoid any drying makeup products like matte lipsticks and foundations. If your lips and skin feel dry and flaky in winter, then you might not want to use drying mineral foundations like Revlon Colorstay Makeup and Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick with matte finish. Yet, all of these are very personal things and may not be applicable to everyone.

14. Which face wash is your favourite?
Currently I’m using a mild face cleanser by MixEasy, which I created myself! (well, almost myself). It is very gentle on the skin, removes dead skin cells and has the best, sweet scent. I love using it.

15. Which colour lipstick do you prefer during summers?
In the summer heat I like using lightweight, subtle colors like dusty pink and nude. But for special summer occasions I can’t  stay away from bright colors. The shimmering lip gloss is always welcomed on my lips in summer.

16. Which colour lipstick do you prefer during autumn?
Autumn is my favorite time of year. It is the season when I can finally go back to my beloved grunge lippies: coffee brown, brick red, burgundy red and plum shades.

17. Name the make-up brand which you always want to buy but your pocket does not allow?
My heart always squeezes when I see the price of Sisley’s skin care products. That is something I would really want to buy, even though I do not really think that the price is justified. Tom Ford makeup products always have interesting launches, but they are very pricey.

18. What is your favourite fall colour?
As I mentioned previously, autumn is my favorite season. I love every shade of fallen leaves and  every frosty grass blades. But, my most favourite autumn colour is warm taupe, I always wear it on my nails.

19. What is your favourite dress code for the fall season?
Layering! I really like how tastefully people layer their cozy clothes, yet I can never layer my autumn outfit beautifully. I always end up looking super-weird and heavy-set, and that is not a good look.

20. Share your worst memory related to the autumn
I didn’t like going back to school. Every 1st September was a little torture to me and, as a result, not the brightest memory in my head.

21. Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, so how was the experience?
Yes, I have tried carving Jack-o’-lantern, it ended up looking very ugly. But, if I understand right, it shouldn’t be too cute, isn’t it?

22. Which fashion trend you often prefer in the fall season?
I always switch to darker, moodier colours in autumn. Knitted textures, high boots and see-through scarves are my favorite fashion items. This season large floral prints are going to be trendy, so I really want to try and incorporate it in my autumn wardrobe.

23. Which hair colour do you love?
Honestly, I love every hair colour. Whether you have virgin hair colour or crazily-painted hair, if it is healthy and well-cared it is good-looking.

24. In your opinion, what’s romantic?
An old-aged couple, who lived together all their adult life and made it  through the ups and downs in their relationship – that sounds so romantic and sentimental.

25. What’s your favourite quote?
“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” Futurama


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  1. September 5, 2019 / 5:27 pm

    Thank you so much for the awesome interview, Wendee!
    After answering some of your questions, I found out more about myself 🙂
    Hugs and kisses <3

    • mywendee
      September 12, 2019 / 10:41 am

      Thank you too for your cooperation Liz

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