Q&A: 25 Questions With Agbeshie

Interview with Agbeshie

Frank Agbeshie Lawstand, popularly known as Agbeshie is a fast rising ghanaian rapper from the Volta region. You’ve probably heard of his latest hit song wrowroho with Medikal.
In an interview with us, we learn a little bit about him behind the scenes.
Keep reading to find out.

1. What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?
First thing I did; I prayed and picked my phone.

2. What’s been taking up your days lately?
I think my EP and then my new song

3. What got you into music?
Music is something that I started in school but then professionally I realised that music in a whole was a part of me, so I pursued it as a career and here we are now.

4. Do you play any instruments?
Yeah, the keyboard

5. What’s your view about the music industry?
Ghana music in a whole has grown to a certain point where I believe so much that it’s one of Ghana’s biggest export. So for me, I think music in a whole is doing well for Ghana and it’s a big export for Ghana.

6. How do you feel after the hit song with Medikal?
Well, I feel great and I feel finally I’m where I’ve always wanted to be. You know, coming from the underground as an upcoming artiste and then emerging to where I’ve gotten to right now as an artiste for the whole country to recognize me – it feels great.

7. What musician would you like to collaborate with next?
I haven’t done anything with Wale officially, so Shatta Wale.

8. Does any upcoming artiste want to feature you?
Yeah, I get that a lot. So many of them.

9. Which famous musician have you learnt from?

10. You have a live concert coming up in the Volta region, how do you prepare to go live?
The thing is, I have tried taking alcohol before getting on stage like four times and it didn’t work. And I don’t smoke too. None of those work for me. So I just get on stage and I don’t feel nervous because I’ve been doing it for years now, so I’m used to it.

11. How do you handle mistakes during a live performance?
I go back to the drawing board and check whatever I did wrong or whatever caused that. So I correct myself for next time.
Sometimes, it makes the night rough but it’s all part of the work.

12. What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
I like the fact that I can be able to put music out there and it gets people amused. People being happy and enjoying my music make me happy as well.

13. So if it wasn’t for your music career, what would you be doing right now?
Actually, I did visual arts in school and I did graphic and web designing at IPS. So I’ld probably be doing something related to that.

14. What do you do on your days off?
I lock myself in the room and watch movies

15. What’s your favourite kind of movie?
I like adventure movies and romantic movies.

16. What is the one thing you can never live without?

17. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Good, Peaceful and Respectful

18. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
It’s not to give up on my career

19. And who gave you that advice?
My mom

20. So what’s your favourite food?
Jollof rice with goat meat and fanta.

21. If you could date any other musician or celebrity who would it be?
Feli Nuna

22. What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released?

23. Why do you think it’s the best song you’ve ever released.
Because of the lyrical content

24. Should we expect more hit songs from you?
Yes, I have a new song with Ponobiom coming up, which is my next project.

25. Do you have anything to tell your fans out there?
I’ll like to tell everyone that no matter where you find yourself, the only thing is to be yourself and believe in whatever you are doing and you are good to go.

This was a very fun interview with Agbeshie. You can connect with him on social media. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

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