Top 3 Ways To Make Mobile Gaming Better

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Mobile gaming shows a lot of promise, but it always falls short of console or PC gaming. Normally, this is simply because a mobile device isn’t as well-equipped to handle games as a console or PC. Whenever the new iPhone is released, it always makes a big deal out of how good it is at gaming, yet people rarely play mobile games.

Well, they play the little puzzle ones, but it’s unlikely you’ll find as many people playing Call of Duty or PUBG on mobile compared to other devices. The simple fact is that mobile gaming isn’t fun enough in its current state. So, here are three ways you can make it more enjoyable:

How to make mobile gaming better

Download an emulator on your PC

Obviously, the worst thing about mobile gaming is that the screen is too small and the controls are so inconvenient. Well, you can deal with this by downloading mobile games to play on your PC or laptop. With emulators like Tencent gaming buddy, PUBG mobile and many other mobile games are so much easier to play and enjoy.

You get a bigger screen, better controls, and you can enjoy mobile games without all the stress. It’s particularly useful if there are some games you can only play on mobile, but your screen and the controls make it impossible for you to enjoy playing. 

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Get a mobile gaming controller

Okay, you like the sound of the previous tip, but there’s one problem. You play mobile games because they can be played on the move – like when you’re on the bus or train. So, downloading an emulator doesn’t really do anything to help at all! Instead, you should get a mobile gaming controller.

There are loads around, and the idea is you fit your phone in the controller, giving you buttons and joysticks to use on either side. Basically, you turn your phone into a Nintendo Switch! It makes every game so much easier for you to play, and the controllers can fit in your bag or pocket, making them portable. If you want to get the most out of portable mobile gaming, this is your best bet. 

Enable DND mode on your device

Is there anything more annoying than playing a mobile game but seeing endless notifications pop up on your screen? It’s annoying enough when you’re using a tablet, but when you’re on your phone your entire screen is filled with notifications!

One very easy way to get around this is by enabling the DND mode on your device. This stands for ‘do not disturb’ and it basically means that you won’t receive any notifications while the mode is active. If you’re worried about missing any important messages or calls, you can always keep another mobile device nearby – if you have one. If not, then it’s just tough luck to whoever tried contacting you during a gaming session. 

Will mobile gaming ever be as big as console or PC gaming? For me, the best part of playing video games is being able to immerse yourself in a world and enjoy things on a big screen. I don’t think mobile gaming can ever be that big in its current state, but these tips will make it a more enjoyable experience for you. Who knows, with some improvements and innovations, maybe mobile gaming can become a genuine mode of gaming that rivals the others. 

Top 3 Ways To Make Mobile Gaming Better

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