3 Reasons Why Gaming Is More Than A Hobby

If you like gaming but have never really seen the potential in how it could be more than just a fun hangout activity, think again. Gaming in the modern world is so much more than a hobby; in fact, gaming has become a profession for some lucky players around the world who have become competitive gamers.

Even if you don’t want to be a professional gamer, there are plenty of ways that gaming could be improving your life in more ways than you imagine. Let’s take a look at three main reasons why gaming is more than a hobby.

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Why gaming is more than a hobby

1. Your Social Skills

Believe it or not, contemporary gaming is a social affair. Even if you don’t consider screaming at your friends while trying to escape on Call of Duty “improving your social skills,” your ability to rapidly communicate with others will be improving while you game.

In addition, most team games require some form of delegation – either being the leader of a team or following a leader – which, in turn, improves your ability to be a team player and follow instructions in tense or high-pressure scenarios.

Even if you don’t know it, playing a video game is probably improving the way you behave within a team, how you interact with others efficiently, and your ability to make fast decisions that benefit the wider cause.

Each of these things will greatly improve your social skills at work and in your personal life – proving that gaming is not, in fact, just a hobby.

2. Your Perception Skills

Simulation games, such as madalin stunt cars 3, a free driving game, emulate scenarios which mirror real life. For example, driving games, while of course heightened and more dramatic in games than in real life, test your hazard perception skills by making sure you are always on your toes and concentrating while driving.

Of course, gaming is not the same as driving a real car, but any game which is high intensity will require your perception skills to be switched on.

Whether you are driving or doing another activity that requires good perception, perhaps in your line of employment, your time playing video games will doubtless have improved your perception skills. 

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3. Your Ability To Problem Solve

Problem-solving is part and parcel of the gaming experience. After all, that’s what video games are all about; whether it is a quest, a fight, a getaway drive, or a sport, gaming is about solving problems and solving them fast.

That’s why, through video games, your problem-solving abilities are probably getting better without you even detecting it.

When you are at work and are faced with an issue that needs addressing right away, subconsciously your mind might be quicker at finding a solution simply because you have practiced in the art of fast, intense troubleshooting. Gaming is much more than a hobby; the proof is in the pudding. 

In conclusion, video games can improve areas of your life that have nothing to do with gaming. Everything is connected – and if you spend hours of your time having fun gaming online, you are probably improving your social, perceptive and problem solving skills too. 


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