The Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign has taken over as one of the leading orthodontic treatments, these world-class braces offer heaps of incredible benefits for people wanting to straighten their teeth at any age. If you’re wanting to understand more about Invisalign, how the aligners work and their benefits then this is for you.

The Benefits Of Invisalign
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What does Invisalign consist of?

Invisalign St Albans consists of clear plastic aligners which sit snugly over the teeth, these trays apply small amounts of pressure on to the teeth pushing them into a new position. The trays come in a series which will need to be changed every two weeks, as you move through the aligners your teeth will take their new shape. There are lots of practical benefits of these aligners.


Since the trays are made from plastic they’re clear which makes them pretty much invisible to other people. This transparency is something that has become very popular with older people wanting to straighten their smiles, especially those working in professional or customer facing roles. Until Invisalign the idea of teeth straightening as an adult could be quite daunting and jarring.


As the Invisalign  aligners are removable they’re also great for people who are worried about keeping on top of their oral hygiene whilst going through an orthodontic process. As you won’t have any brackets or wires in the way when you’re cleaning you’ll be able to continue to brush and floss daily with total ease.

This is extremely important as it’s very common for those going through orthodontics to develop gum disease as some patients aren’t able to clean deep between the teeth and gum line.


Comfort is key. People who opt for Invsialign are very likely to experience a far more comfortable orthodontic process. As the clear aligners lay flat and smooth against your teeth you’re less likely to cause sores against your gums and teeth as can happen with traditional wire braces.

As the aligners only apply a light pressure to the teeth, moving one area at a time, generally speaking the process should be pretty comfortable for those opting for the treatment.

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Another stand-out feature of Invisalign is how convenient and adaptable it is to a person’s life. Unlike other orthodontics you won’t be wearing your brace when you’re eating which means it’s great for those wanting to stick to enjoying their current diet to its fullest. You’ll have no need to avoid chewy or tough foods as you might need to with other braces, as you’ll not be wearing your aligners.

Then of course there’s the added benefit that you will be able to take your braces out for those extra special celebratory occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Other than this you will be expected to wear your trays all day and night except when you take them out to clean.

Finally, Invisalign is great for those wanting to straighten their teeth quickly. Some people have been able to achieve the results of their dreams in as little as six months, of course this very much varies from case to case, but it is possible.


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