Eliminating The Effects Of Tooth Loss With Oral Implants

Tooth loss, whether through accidental damage such as a knock to the mouth, or through years of poor oral hygiene, can leave you feeling deflated and self-conscious. Your smile will still be functional, however, the physical and emotional impact of losing the tooth may be long-lasting and rather detrimental to your health.

Whether the loss in the mouth is a single tooth or multiple teeth, the first step to take is to get booked in for an emergency appointment with your dentist. Attending promptly can help your dental team assess the damage early on and create a plan of action, which may include the tooth replacement option known as dental implants Nottingham

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How do dental implants work?

As with all dental treatments and procedures, a consultation process is first required in order to gain a better understanding of your options and for your dental team to gain a more complete comprehension of the extent of the problem.

The consultation will include a general chat about the possible options of tooth replacement, alongside a physical and digital examination of your teeth, mouth and gums. This process helps your dental team to eliminate unsuitable treatment options and create a plan based on the best solutions for your individual case.

Oral implants are a popular and long-lasting tooth replacement option, however, in order for them to be successfully fitted sufficient bone depth is required, and therefore it may be that extra measures, such as a bone graft, are needed before the implant process. All this will be discussed and uncovered within the consultation process.

For the cases where the depth of bone is sufficient, the process is rather simple. Within just one short appointment, the small, titanium screw will be drilled into the jawbone and then left to heal. The insertion of the implant stimulates new bone growth within the surrounding jawbone which in turn fuses the implant into place over several weeks.

Once this is fully healed, a permanent crown or bridge can be attached to the artificial root and your smile can shine confidently once again.

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A safe, hard-wearing option

Dental implants Nottingham are created primarily from titanium due to the sturdy and hard-wearing nature of the material. These implants are therefore as solid as your natural teeth and can withstand the rigors of daily life. With an efficient daily oral hygiene regime in place, the implants can last up to and over 10 years without any significant sacrifice to your usual lifestyle.

Restoring your natural smile

Although tooth loss can feel devastating at the time, having an implant inserted can help to restore your confidence and in time it will feel as though the original tooth is still in place.

The small, artificial roots can provide a sense of security once fully healed. Therefore, not only can your smile be restored in full, but with the stimulation of new bone growth, your overall facial definition may be boosted creating a fuller and more youthful appearance.

For those looking to restore their smile, contact your dental team today and keep your smile as healthy as can be.

How do dental implants work?

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