Rebuilding A Set Of Teeth With Dental Implants, Maidstone

Rebuilding A Set Of Teeth With Dental Implants, Maidstone

Having a full set of teeth that will last the entirety of someone’s life is something that every adult hopes for, but this is something that takes effort and care and has proven to be rarely the case in the modern world.

The food and drink consumed on a daily basis can be attacking the health of the teeth with every meal, due to the level of sugar that can be found in popular drinks and fast food, this can lead to people losing teeth or finding they have a need to have them extracted because they have a high amount of tooth decay.

When someone loses a tooth or some teeth, they may start to look for a way to replace the lost tooth, or teeth. This often leads to them looking at commonly used oral devices, such as bridges or dentures, while these devices provide a functional solution to tooth loss, they do not provide a permanent, fixed-in-place solution and this can create challenges that the wearer did not expect.

Dental implants, Maidstone, can provide anyone who has experienced any kind of tooth loss a viable fixed in place solution to their tooth loss, that will feel just like having their natural teeth being reinserted into their mouth.

What are implants?

Dental implants are used to create artificial teeth that can then be inserted into the jawbone of a patient, they should last a patient an entire lifetime if they are cared for correctly via brushing and flossing to keep them clean and protected from harmful sugars and acids.

The first stage of the insertion is used to insert a strong screw into the jawbone, this screw is made from titanium, the strongest metal known to man, to create a strong and sturdy base for the new replacement tooth to sit upon. The tooth itself is created using a crown made from a ceramic material, that is then attached to the head of the screw.

The crown that is used is shaped and colored to closely match any teeth remaining in the area of the patient’s mouth that it is inserted into, over time the patient should see it blending in more and more until they start to struggle to identify the replacement tooth or teeth.

While the process described mainly pertains to the use of this device in cases where people have lost a single tooth, there may only be a slight difference in cases where multiple teeth are being replaced. For more accurate details about the replacement of multiple teeth, a patient should consult with a dental professional.

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Getting back old habits

Many people who lose teeth find that they have to change some of the ways they use their mouths, some may decide to avoid eating tougher food, such as steak or nuts, while others may decide to avoid smiling in public, as a way to hide the fact they have lost teeth at the front of their mouth.

Implants can help to resolve these issues and allow someone to start using their mouth in the way they are used to, meaning they are free to eat the foods they want and can start smiling once more.


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