Invisible Aligners: How To Care For Them

When you are looking for a way to straighten your smile without inconvenience, Invisalign St John’s Wood is one of the best options available for you and your teeth. But what goes into the daily upkeep and maintenance of these aligners? Find out below.

How to care for your invisible aligners


Unlike traditional braces, invisible aligners are removable and so you can take them out to clean your teeth and to eat and drink.

But this does not mean that they do not need to be cleaned. Many patients worry that they will not be able to keep their aligners invisible, due in part to the frequency of their usage. You can clean your invisible aligners quite simply by rinsing them under a cold water tap, to remove any food that may have accumulated.

It is advisable to not use hot or warm water to clean your aligners; they are made from plastic and exposure to hot temperatures can cause them to change shape, rendering them useless. This would then mean that you would have to take a break from realigning your teeth while your dentist ordered a new aligner for you.

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It is generally advisable when it comes to wearing invisible aligners to time yourself until you have got the hang of wearing them.

Most patients need to wear their aligners for around 22 hours per day, depending on the orthodontic issue being treated, but in the first few weeks, this can be hard to get right. So, it is worth timing yourself. This will keep your treatment running smoothly and will ensure that your teeth align on schedule.

App usage

With the rise in smartphones, it should come as no surprise that most invisible aligners come with an app that you can download from the app store.

And with this app comes the ability to stay in contact with your dentist about your treatment, allowing them to send you messages about your aligners and for them to organize it if you need to visit them for a check-up.

The app also keeps track of your appointments and reminds you when you need to change between aligners, so it is well worth the download.


One of the best things for many patients about this clear aligner is that it requires so little of your time to use; there are no regular visits to your dental surgery for brace tightening and you can send selfies from your smartphone to receive instructions.

But you will still need to attend check-ups with your dentist; this will help your dentist to assess if your treatment is going as planned, whether you can skip an aligner in the sequence, or if you need to have an additional one added.

Pain relief

Many patients assume that because the aligner is not affixed to the teeth, it does not cause issues with pressure in daily life. But what you need to remember is that it has to move your teeth.

It is worth asking your dentist about the most appropriate pain relief to manage discomfort from wearing the aligners and what kind of discomfort you should expect.

Invisible aligners; how to care for them

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