29 Thoughtful Messages To Send Your Loved One

It may happen that you won’t always be with your loved one. It could be that you both will find yourselves in separate places due to work or other circumstances.

However, you have many ways to keep that connection strong and non-fading. A typical example of this is sending love messages. This method, as old as it may seem, works a lot in cases where you both cannot talk.

Sending these messages keeps the idea in your lover’s mind that there is a person who loves them. It keeps you in their mind always as well as the fire burning.

In this article, you have been provided with some of the best thoughtful messages you can send to that one person to make them feel loved always. If you are ready, let’s get going.

Thoughtful Messages To Send Your Loved One

Hi, I missed you. What Are you up to?
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  • Hi, I missed you. What Are you up to?

Sending this question can let your loved one see that you are interested in what they do, as well as make them feel cared for since you miss them. Aside from that, it is also a conversation starter. Ask them this question and see how they spend their days without you.

  • There are many people on the line but you still love me. I can’t appreciate you enough. Have a nice day.

When your loved one sees such a message, he or she gets to understand how much you value them. And once you send them a message like this, it increases their resolve to remain faithful to you regardless of the pressures other interested parties may be bringing on the floor.

  • Would you ever believe me if I said that you were the answer to my prayers?

This is a random message you can pitch in somewhere in the day. Even if it ain’t true, it makes them feel valued. They get to know that regardless of how bad their day is going, there is someone somewhere who thinks they are an answered prayer. You can not imagine how wonderful that feeling is.

  • Do you know that there are times I feel different whenever I catch you staring at me?

Sending this message builds a certain thought in your lover’s mind. He or she starts to think about you in a way that is unique to them. Your loved one loves you based on something, and once they stare at you, they might be thinking about whatever it is. So, once you send a message like this, you remind them of how special you are. And whatever it is that keeps you attracted to them is further ingrained into their consciousness to love you more.

  • I want to be the one you grow old with.

To grow old with someone is a deep message to send anyone. It goes beyond even the concept of marriage. It signifies to your loved one that you have a special place in your heart for them, such that you are willing to go to eternity with them. Please send them this message and let them know what you think of them.

  • Beware; the next time I hold you, I might not let you go

This is a cute yet possessive way of putting across your message about missing them. It makes them feel desired. And it could even paint a smile across their faces, regardless of how their day is going.

  • Hearing your voice every day is a blessing, but when you read my texts like these, it is a grace I can never get enough of.

This is another way to let them know how special they are to you. Not only do you feel content about hearing from them, but when they take the time to read your silly little messages, you want to let them know that it is something beyond what you would ever ask for.

  • Regardless of what, when things doesn’t go as planned, know that I will be there to keep you up.

Mostly, there are times when things feel rough in the relationship, especially during a major financial crisis. It is not the best time to evaluate the relationship, but rather to think of your partner and ways to support them. And one sure way is to keep them moving with this message.

  • Do you know that when I get a notification, I expect it to be from you?

This short message lets him or her know that you are always anticipating their messages. It is another subtle way of letting them know how much you cherish them and how eager you are for them to talk to you.

  • I love to always come home to see your beautiful or handsome face

At the workplace, you can send them these messages to tell them how much you desire to see their faces despite your current location. It is also a quick way to remind them of their uniqueness in terms of appearance.

Goodnight and dream of me too
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  • Goodnight and dream of me too

This message lets your partner sleep while keeping you in mind. What is a good night’s sleep without dreaming of your loved one? Therefore, put this in their mind and encourage them to think of you even in their sleep. It helps to keep the fire burning.

  • When I am asked if I would like to be your lover in the next life, do you know what I would say? Why not guess?

At times it is not always the best choice to keep things “yes and no” You have to also get them thinking and wondering. This text message will help you to mess with their minds a little. It is sometimes good to be mischievous.

  • Good morning, Queen. How ready are you to steal my thoughts today too?

This text message is quite interesting, as in it, you let them know that they occupy your thoughts almost every day.

  • Honestly, I believe it’s in fairy tales people fall in love like this, but in case it is, I would love to be in it forever, with you only.

Let’s take the rest to a more fantasy level. Gain her interest by letting her think about the fairy tale movies she’s watched before. She knows how much love in these movies feels so real. When she is able to relate your love to her fantasy world, you get to settle deeper into her heart.

Thoughtful Messages To Send Your Loved One

Romantic Messages To Send To Your Loved One

  • Can you believe that, without you, I would have probably thought fairy tales were fake stories?

As much as this may sound silly, it is a nice way to let them know that, due to the love you now have for them, you actually now think fairy tales are real.

  • Hurry and come home, cutie pie, because you are like my sunshine.

Messages like these are simple yet profound ways to let her know how much you love her to the extent of her being comparable to sunshine. Such that her presence drives away the darkness from your heart.

Hi, king, You can never imagine how much I love you, and I can never finish listing the reasons why you mean so much to me.
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  • Hi, king, You can never imagine how much I love you, and I can never finish listing the reasons why you mean so much to me.

This is for the ladies who want to secure the hearts of their sweetie pies. Send them this message sometime in the mornings and let them know the level at which you love them. Sending these messages will let him know that you just love them for who they genuinely are.

  • As long as you are mine, every day will be as bright as your smile.

You let them know through this message that, with their presence in your life, your life will be as bright as how they smile.

  • You are mischievous; why do you always steal my thoughts when you get the chance?

Let them know what you are thinking. But it is not always the best way to explicitly state that you are thinking of them. As much as it is not bad to state it like that, at times you just have to garnish it and make it look more interesting, such that once they spot the notification, they won’t hesitate even a second to read your message.

  • I dare you to come to my dreams tonight; I promise you will never forget.

Sending messages like this will set their imaginations running, it also keeps questions coming. It is best used once you are at separate places and you are just in the middle of the conversation. It helps to spice things up.

  • I just want you to know that, without you, love would never have been possible for me on this earth.

This message is a simple way to appreciate them and show how much you value their love for you.

  • I was wondering if you could lend me a kiss, I swear I’ll give it back, with five percent interest.

This sets their imagination running. Although they might not be around where you are, they will fantasize about you. This text message is a naughty way to get them thinking about you.

  • I wonder what I would be doing now or where I would be if I never met you. Probably, I think I would be looking for you.

Send them this message as a way of letting them know that, they mean a lot to you, such that, if you had not met them, you would probably have waited, or gone in search of them.

  • As long as I wake up with you by my side, I believe the world will never stand a chance in conquering me.

When you want a way to let them know that, they are a source of strength and inspiration to you, this is the best message that will do the job.

  • Hi, my morning coffee, How are you? Are you ready to bless me today too with your sweetness?

This message works very well when you are expecting them. It plants the idea in their mind that, aside from the fact that you compare them to your addictive morning coffee habit, they are a blessing to your day.

  • Good morning, lover boy. I hope you find many reasons to smile this day.

Let them know you care about how they spend their day. Let them know that you wish them well daily, and one such message to that job, is by sending them this message early in the morning.

  • Do You know that, on days you lie by my side, your body scent intoxicates me to sleep?

You can send this message to them when they are at a different place. It is a unique way to tell them you miss them. You do not have to involve too much grammar, the intention alone is enough.

  • As you go out today, know that I’ll be there for you when you come home.

When you send your loved one a message of this kind, it gives them just the right amount of energy to work. It keeps them motivated throughout the day, such that when they feel like lazying around for a bit, remembering your text message rekindles their spirit to work harder.

  • Good afternoon, beau. I was asked to give three wishes this afternoon. For the first, I asked for true love, and for the second, I asked for eternity with my true love. Guess what I asked for for the last wish?

Another text message to mess up with their senses. Keep them thinking as they go about their work, let them wonder what you mean, or what you want them to say. These are all interesting ways to spice up the love.

Romantic Messages To Send To Your Loved One

Final Words

In no particular order, these messages have been provided for you. It is best to tweak them a bit to your own taste; who knows, your loved one might also be here reading these. So make sure to not get caught. Keep that fire burning. Love is beautiful, and it is best kept that way by experimenting with ways and methods to keep it beautiful like it is supposed to be.


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