Your Smile In Our Hands, Braces Stoke-On-Trent

Your Smile In Our Hands, Braces Stoke-On-Trent

We live in a world moving at an alarmingly fast pace, a world where we are assessed by our facial expressions when we meet someone for the first time. First impressions are very important and it is said that the first seven seconds are the most crucial.

Smiling, grimacing, snarling are all facial expressions that show our teeth and our teeth are part of our smile. We are not all born equal and our dental imperfections can be a result of many factors.

Genetics plays a huge part in how our teeth look as does growing, especially thumb sucking as a baby. In Stoke-on-Trent, braces are a simple non-invasive way of correcting many dental misalignment problems.

More than just orthodontics

We regard our patients as individuals and from the time you arrive, you will experience our truly hospitable approach to dentistry. Our staff are all naturally friendly and welcoming, this helps to make our patients relax and feel comfortable in our surgery.

We regard every patient as an individual because no two people are the same and while many may suffer from similar problems they are different. We get to know you from a personal point of view, we want to identify what may cause you anxiety.

Unfortunately, some people still experience anxiety when they are at the dentist. Our personal approach allows us to treat each patient with the care and attention that they deserve. We will always discuss suggested treatments with you beforehand and encourage you to ask questions so that you understand the need for the procedure and what benefits the result will give you.

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Straight teeth are more than a cosmetic procedure

There are many misalignment problems that can cause severe medical problems if not treated. Not being able to chew your food properly can lead to gastric problems. Your gastric juices may be unable to break down the poorly chewed food that you have eaten.

A misaligned jaw can cause headaches and a sore jaw. Dental bacteria caused by the inability to clean your teeth properly due to gapping, an overbite, or underbite can cause more serious problems. If you have a misaligned dental problem the variety of braces here at Stoke-on-trent allows us to help you.

The traditional metal brace was an uncomfortable device that worked but was cumbersome to wear. That device has been revamped and has been joined by a similar one that uses porcelain instead of metal. This blends in more naturally with the color of your teeth.

There is a lingual brace that fits onto the inside of your teeth making it less conspicuous. The latest innovations are gumshield-type braces referred to as aligners that fit over your teeth rather than onto your teeth.

They are made from a clear dental material which makes them less obvious and consequently, these are extremely popular with adults. We select our braces based on your condition and the best appliance to correct your particular condition. In addition, we will consider which best suits your personality.


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