Understanding Politics: Getting A Grip On It Without Consulting Complex Texts

Figuring out the best ways to upskill your capabilities is partly to do with understanding what you don’t know. We all feel out of our depth in certain conversations and it can force us to go back to the drawing board and do some more learning at home, and politics is a very good example.

Some people can wax lyrical about it for hours, yet others smile and nod alone. If you are firmly in the latter camp, let’s show you some methods to gain a better understanding of politics.

Understanding Politics: Getting A Grip On It Without Consulting Complex Texts
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Use the “What Would I Do if I Were in Charge” Model of Thinking

There’s nothing sophisticated about this, but the reality is that most of us don’t necessarily look at the big picture that politics covers and instead, we should practice some form of empathy, either in the form of identifying with minority groups or digging deeper into what it really takes to run a country. 

We can spend time looking at the Constitution or the political structure of our home country, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like understanding the bare basics of what it takes to be in charge. There are games where you can create your own country, and even something like Minecraft can give you a greater understanding of what it takes to build a foundational structure where lives can thrive. 

We have to remember that politics is the result of thousands and thousands of years of conflict, independent thinking, different ideologies, and so many different models of thinking that if we were to put ourselves in the position of leaders, it can start to stimulate different types of thoughts where we become more engaged with politics, rather than taking the passenger seat.

What is Important to You? 

The fact is that you might not be that interested in politics because you’ve not found something that really speaks to you. Lots of people develop an interest in politics because it informs their everyday lives. If you are at the point in your life where you’ve not experienced some form of injustice or have found nothing that really engages you, it might be time to do a bit more soul-searching and get involved

Some people still believe there is no point in voting because they are one person, but those people need to take a long look at history and see how people have been denied the vote.

When you understand what is important to you, this will not just help you understand the bare basics of politics, but actually use politics as a real visceral tool that motivates you. This is the key, rather than understanding how a bill becomes law.

Find the People You Understand

Lastly, one of the main reasons people don’t get into politics is because it is full of bluff, bluster, and complex terminology. You can find key political texts, but if you don’t understand them, they’re not worth a dime to you. This is why key thinkers like Noam Chomsky are a great place to begin because they make it easy to understand so you can then progress further to the more loaded texts.


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