4 Trends That Will Dominate The Future Of Fashion

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Fashion is always evolving and it is hard to predict exactly what it will look like in the future. However, recent increasing trends can tell us a lot about what to possibly expect. Below are the 4 trends that seem likely to dominate the future.

4 fashion trends to look out for

Sustainable clothing

Many people are now taking climate change more seriously and are making changes to their lifestyle in order to help save the planet.

Sustainable clothing is already starting to take off as if likely to become even more popular in the future. This includes clothing made from organic materials, clothing made from recycled materials, and second-hand clothing.

In the future, we’re likely to see much fewer synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester used in general clothing. We may also see more clothing stores embracing services like clothing hire or even encouraging customers to sell back second-hand clothing for resale. 

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Gender-neutral/gender-inclusive fashion

In recent years, the transgender community has been given much more of a voice. There is now a greater variety of fashion items aimed at transgender consumers such as binders and crossdresser breast forms. On top of this, gender-neutral clothing is becoming more popular. 

Gender-neutral and gender-inclusive fashion is still fairly niche but it is getting more mainstream and we could see it embraced much more openly in the future.

For example, mainstream fashion stores may no longer have exclusively male and female shopping areas, possibly dedicating an area for gender-neutral fashion as it becomes more popular and accepted. 

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Greater personalization

Until recently, it was very difficult to personalize mass-produced clothing. However, by integrating more computers into the manufacturing process, it’s now possible to add more unique personalization options such as custom name labels and a greater range of colors. 

As this technology develops, we could see a lot more brands experimenting with personalization and making it more accessible. It may even be possible to tailor-make clothing to a person’s measurements quickly using a machine, allowing a greater degree of comfort. 

AR and VR shopping

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) was once the stuff of sci-fi movies, but it’s rapidly becoming more real. AR technology is currently the most popular – it typically uses a camera to take a real-life image and add in something virtual (i.e. Snapchat filters).

Companies like Gucci have been bringing this technology to the fashion world, allowing customers to virtually try on shoes using their app. In the future, we could see this technology being taken a step further – using apps and virtual mirrors, customers may be able to virtually try on clothes without having to physically put them on in a dressing room. 

VR technology is likely to be the next frontier after that. Could online shopping one day involve taking your avatar to a virtual mall? Buying clothes online could be a whole new fun experience equal to the thrill of shopping in person. It may only be a couple of decades before we start to witness its possibilities.

4 Trends That Will Dominate The Future Of Fashion



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