Passed Your Driving Test? What To Expect As A New Young Driver

Taking a driving test is a nerve-racking experience. The weeks and months of driving lessons and practice tests led to this moment. A moment that could give them the freedom to drive whenever and wherever they desire or delay this opportunity.

Many will book extra lessons to help combat the nerves and to help them feel more confident in their abilities. Others will read up on driving tips to help them pass the test the first time, and many try to remain as calm as possible.

As the test ends, and you find yourself pulling into an available space, there is a brief moment of silence as the invigilator completes the form. If all has gone as well as you had hoped, they will turn to you and congratulate you on passing. This euphoric feeling can leave you feeling proud of your accomplishments and ready for the next step.

If you have recently passed your driving test, here are a few things to expect as a new driver.

3 Things To Expect As A New Young Driver
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3 Things To Expect As A New Young Driver

High Insurance Fees

Be prepared when looking for driver insurance. The quotes you receive will be eyewatering prices. This is common for many young, new drivers looking to take insurance out on a car. Insurance prices are more likely to be higher as it is predicted that new drivers, especially young, new drivers, will be involved in incidents.

Take your time when looking for insurance. Compare all options available, and use sites like to help you find numerous young driver insurance quotes. With this vast selection of quotes, you can compare the options and choose the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that your choice of car can also influence insurance costs. Vehicles with larger engines can also increase insurance costs.

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Option For Further Lessons

Learner drivers are only allowed on the motorway if they are with an approved driving instructor and are driving a vehicle with dual controls. Your instructor doesn’t need to have you drive on motorways, but it is possible.

However, if you did not drive on the motorway before passing, consider investing in further lessons to build confidence and practice driving on a motorway. It is likely that you will drive on a motorway after passing. Why not spend a few hours extra learning and building the confidence to drive on a motorway?

You can do additional lessons and courses, such as a Pass Plus course, which can help build your confidence driving in various weather conditions, in the dark, and on motorways. An additional bonus with these courses is that they can sometimes help lower your insurance cost.

Nerves Of Driving Alone

After investing in a car and insurance, the next thing to expect is the nerves around driving alone. Of course, you will have to get used to driving a car that is different from the one you learned to drive in. That in itself can be a daunting thing to adjust to.

However, with time and patience, you will feel confident driving your new car. There is also the adjustment of driving on your own, without the safety net of an instructor who can take control should something occur. Like with adjusting to a new car, driving alone is something that you will gradually grow confident with over time.

There you have it, a few things to expect after passing your test as a young, new driver.

Passed Your Driving Test? What To Expect As A New Young Driver

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