20 Epic Night Sky Photography

I have a friend whose favorite thing is the moon and always make sure to get a photo of the moon when the moon is out. His phone is full of so many different photos of the moon.

If you are a lover of the night sky, then I bet you also have a whole lot of photos of the night sky on your phone too. Without a location and a night sky, night sky photography is impossible.

You should become familiar with the night sky and other programs that highlight night sky photography. Timing and planning are crucial in astrophotography. To acquire a sense of the layout and imagine your compositions, scout your shooting area ahead of time.

Consider incorporating fascinating landscape aspects into your location. This will help add a story to your photography. Here are some night sky photography for you.

Night Sky Photography

night sky photography
image credit- casijazz01
image credit- the.astronomy.daily
night sky photography
image credit- jason_blackeye
night sky photography
image credit- the.z.axis
image credit- lucazampo6
night sky photography
image credit- nature_wizards
image credit- renateht
night sky photography
image credit- jens.mirwald
night sky photography
image credit- philippmerki
image credit- chriscucufate
image credit- abdullah_evindar

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