Marketing No-Nos For Your Dental Surgery

When you try to promote your dental surgery, it can be disappointing only to find that it is not going as planned. Have you fallen short of reaching your patient quota? Or are people simply not engaging with the services that you can offer?

This may be because of an issue with your online marketing strategy. So, to get this back on track, this article will explore some of the marketing issues that you may inadvertently be engaging with.

Marketing No-Nos For Your Dental Surgery

Using plagiarised content

Much in the same way that Google does not like slowly loading pages, it also does not like plagiarised content. Successful dental marketing has, at its core, unique and well-written content, as this helps with a higher ranking.

The ideal blog post for a dental website would be about 500 words long and have keywords that are targeted and spread throughout the piece. If you need help writing a blog or even starting one, the best tip is to hire a marketing team.

Using stock images

It can be tempting to use stock images on your dental website, especially if you have concerns about the cost of hiring a professional photography team; but this is not a good idea.

Stock images are usually blocky in their resolution and not personalised enough to help with marketing your dental practice. You will want to have photographs of your team and your clinic on the actual website itself, as this will help people to recognise you, and if it is combined with a short bio of your team members, this is even better.

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Not keeping up to date

Have you ever wondered why some websites are ranked so low in Google’s search results list? One of the core issues is that they are not being updated regularly. To tick the boxes for digital marketing, your dental website (particularly the blog and social media page) will need to be updated as often as possible, as this will help it to rank higher in the Google rankings.

Not using social media

Social media is an absolute must-have if you are looking to expand your dental surgery digitally, and having a page on Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok can be a great way to get the brand recognition that you need to attract more patients to your surgery.

Your dental website, as it stands, should be linked to as many social media accounts as possible, and this will spread the word about your dental surgery in the local area whilst also attracting the patients you want.

Not correcting slow websites

Have you finalised the design for your dental surgery website, only to discover that when it is accessed on a computer or mobile device, it loads very slowly?

This is an incredibly common issue and is usually related to the size of the media pieces on your surgery page, such as images or videos. To ensure that you get it right and keep the design you want, you should contact a marketing team; they can ensure that your website loads quicker, as this will help it rank higher on Google’s results page.


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