3 Ways to Make Money Quickly

So, we’re living in a pandemic, life is hard and cash flow is often non-existent. So, how can we make money quickly?

There are a few options but firstly, I have to advise you not to buy into any ‘get rich quick’ schemes. They’re often scams and you’re likely to not see much, if anything at all, from your initial investment.

Why not try these ideas instead? They’re all very low risk, can be done pretty much right away, and are not too taxing so you might even earn enough to put together some budget-friendly, romantic ideas for Valentine’s day

How to make money quickly

concept of selling and buying online

Second-hand selling sites

This first one will come as no surprise to you but is easily the best way to make a few extra dollars when times are tough. eBay. Yes, it takes time to photograph and list everything but dig deep in your closets and garages and you’re likely to find gems that somebody will else love.

Quite frankly, if there is something you own that you have not touched or used for at least six months, do you really need it? I’m not talking sentimental objects here, but I bet there is some clutter somewhere in your house that could do with sorting! 

Garage sales and other second-hand selling sites are also worth a look so get decluttering and making some money.

Start with bigger items – do you have any furniture or appliances that you no longer use? List it as ‘collection only’ and make space, as well as money. 

pawnbroker buying gold jewelry at a pawn shop

Pawn shops

You probably already have a preconceived idea about pawn shops but they really do have their place if you have watches or jewelry you no longer want or need.

Some pawnbrokers will also accept sterling silverware, vintage coins, or even designer products so it is worth doing a little research. 

It is not easy to part with your jewelry so this does need to be a very much considered decision.

Having said that, it may not be worth keeping around if you don’t wear it often, especially if you could do with quick cash for gold.

Gold is currently selling at an all-time high so it is the most opportune time to sell. In today’s coin market, gold, silver, and platinum have immense value due to the current high spot metal prices coupled with ultra-low interest rates.

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Online reviews and research questionnaires

Online reviews and research questionnaires 

If you are not quite ready to part with your beloved and worldly possession, look into any paid online review opportunities.

While these are not big earners, if you do have a few hours spare you can quickly build up a pot of money.

Researchers are always looking for people to complete forms and share information about themselves so this could be a good option too.

While medical research can be a big earner, commercial brands and companies often look for testers or research groups, where you may be invited to an online or in-person group session to talk about a whole range of subjects from your skincare routine to game reviews. 

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