How To Improve Social Media SEO For Your Dental Practice

When you are looking for a way to promote your dental practice, social media is where the majority of your patients will spend their downtime, making it a brilliant way to reach them when they are due for a dental checkup or want to undertake other cosmetic work.

In this article, the advantages of advertising your surgery through social media will be discussed so that you can determine whether this is a route you want to take your marketing campaign down.

Why is social media important for dental surgeries?

Why is social media important for dental surgeries?

Social media marketing is important for dental SEO as it is one of the easiest and most practical ways of attracting potential patients. Social media also allows you to reach a larger range of patients, spell out your services, and showcase skills as a dental team, which will give people a compelling reason to check out your surgery home page.

Patient acquisition

It is worth noting that 41% of dental patients check out healthcare on social media. So you can receive a large number of patient bookings simply by having a social media page as it acts as another way for you to advertise your dental surgery.


First and foremost, when it comes to pricing, SEO and marketing via digital platforms are more affordable, especially when compared to paper, television, or even radio advertisements, which can consume your entire marketing budget. Social media is free, and when used correctly, it can be a great way to boost revenue and the number of patients visiting your dental surgery.

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People now spend more time on digital devices and even more time on social media, so this is where you are most likely to catch their attention. This differs from paper advertisements that are printed and distributed but can be lost due to wind or bad weather.

You can connect with a much wider audience using social media and also reach targeted audiences within the demographic engaging with social media. Through a little bit more marketing research, you could, for example, offer Invisalign aligners to a group of teenagers who may not have severe enough misalignment to undertake braces via a social media page.


More people than ever before are using social media, and when your patients are out of your practice, they may have to be reminded about what it is that your practice can offer to them for them to keep coming back. If you aim to connect with them via social media, this can foster higher levels of engagement and help them to remember why your surgery is exemplary. This can also work when trying to change the focus of your patient’s care from simple routine dentistry to cosmetic or orthodontic treatments.

Better SEO!

Dental surgeries that have an SEO presence on social media are likely to rank higher on search engines. This is because having a presence on a social media platform like Facebook will encourage more people to visit your initial surgery page, which will obviously act as part of your overall SEO strategy, making it a simple and practical way of increasing your presence online and, of course, getting more patients.

How To Improve Social Media SEO For Your Dental Practice

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