2019 Holiday Gift Guide For The Girly Girl

We can all agree that one type of person that is easy to buy for is the girly girl. She likes almost everything pretty or chic. We’ve rounded up a list of items you can buy for such a girl. Whether it’s your daughter, your girlfriend, your bestie, your roomie or your crush, we’ve got you covered.

the girly girl holiday gift ideas
  1. Eyeshadow palette
  2. Hand dryer
  3. Curling iron brush
  4. Round brush with boar
  5. Mascara
  6. Eyelash kit
  7. The original makeup eraser
  8. Holiday mini lip gloss
  9. Facial cleansing brush
  10. Makeup brush
  11. Fenty Beauty highlighter
  12. Round ball clutch with tassels

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