Tips to Ease Yourself Back Into Gaming

Whether you’ve fallen out of the gaming habit because you’ve simply been too busy or you’ve lost your love of gaming after a particularly hard, dull, or…whatever, game, you can get your love for your hobby back, yu just need to ease yourself in. Here’s how:


Start with Simple Games

Let’s be real, diving straight into the latest, graphically intense game with 73 controls might be a bit like trying to run a marathon after a decade-long relationship with your couch. Ease in with some simpler games. Remember the Google Snake game? It’s addictive, uncomplicated, and you don’t need a PhD in gaming to enjoy it. It’s the equivalent of the shallow end of a pool – perfect for dipping your toes in.

Watch Let’s Play Videos

Before you start playing, maybe watch someone else play. There’s a whole universe of Let’s Play videos out there (hello, YouTube!). It’s like having a gaming mentor who doesn’t know you exist. You can learn the ropes, pick up some tips, and get a feel for the game without the risk of virtual embarrassment.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

If you’ve been on a gaming sabbatical, why not revisit an old favorite? It’s like meeting up with an old friend. You’re familiar with the controls, the gameplay, and there’s a good chance you’ll remember why you fell in love with gaming in the first place. Nostalgia has a power level of over 9000.

Join Gaming Communities

Immerse yourself in gaming communities. Platforms like Discord or Reddit have gaming groups where you can chat, ask for advice, or just lurk (we all do it). It’s like having a support group but for your virtual endeavours. Plus, gamers are a friendly bunch; they won’t bite… unless you’re playing a zombie game.

Set Realistic Gaming Goals

It’s important to set achievable goals. Don’t aim to conquer the hardest level in your first week. Start small. Maybe aim to get past level one without rage quitting. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your gaming prowess.

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Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks. Yes, games are addictive, but so is sunlight and fresh air. Your eyes (and the rest of your body) will thank you for stepping away from the screen. Plus, it gives you a chance to actually remember that you have a life beyond the screen. Shocking, I know.

Enjoy the Ride

Most importantly, have fun. Gaming is about enjoyment, not stress. If you’re not enjoying a game, switch it up. There are more games out there than there are fish in the sea (don’t quote me on that). Find what makes you happy, whether it’s defeating dragons or building an empire out of pixels.


If you want gaming to be your thing again, then as you can see, there is no reason why it cannot be. But, try not to force yourself to enjoy it if you aren’t; dip in and out when you feel like it, play games that are a joy to get through, and give yourself a break!


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