The Conundrum That Is “Manchester United”

manchester united

If you grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, then your perception of Manchester United would be an undefeatable powerhouse which just knew how to deliver success after success.

Even in the faces of new adversaries like Wenger, Mourinho, Benitez, Scolari, Keegan and so on, United and the great Sir Alex Ferguson stood tall and were the envy of all top premier british clubs.

An unprecedented treble winning season in 1999, a dominant period in the premier league where 7 league titles turned into 20 surpassing Liverpool’s 18. And the emergence of a player who was world player of the year. The first produced by any british team, were identifiably pillars that characterised the glittery and extraordinary reign of Manchester United as England’s top team.

Fast forward to 2019, fans suffer in anticipation to watch United not with excitement but uncertainty. Uncertain about the level of performance, formation, ineptitude of coaches, inconsistency of players and results.

Ultimately, it is an uncertainty as to whether Manchester United will ever be what it once was.

For the fan earlier mentioned, it is an enigma, a confusion born from the frustrations of having to settle for a suffering act of a once prominent magician who moved his audience every time. Fans are contemplating their allegiance as days and matches go by.

Undeniably, United’s global appeal is one of if not the best in the world. Internet sensationalists do profit from Man United in this wise claiming to have unfervent and defying support for the club when realistically it is never about that. Bills must be paid and if it is at United’s expense, then so be it.

The owners are the instigators of this venture mind you as they favour attracting investors better than good players into the team, leaving managers like Van Gaal, Jose and Moyes dumbfounded about the club’s ambitions.

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As to the actual seriousness of the club to return to its glory days, an inexperienced legend manages United now. In an attempt to appease the fans and blind them as the club goes through year after year of incompetent recruitment. Involving buying cheap players or expensive ones who attract investors rather than those who fit a playing style all in the name of investor protection policies.

United is no longer a football club but a financial instituition disguised as a football club with a lot of following or specifically, customers.

Sorry to the fan who loved his football but kudos to the business man who exploits United – a conundrum.


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