27 Daring Dragon Tattoos Design Ideas

Dragon tattoos mean different things to different people. For some people, it represents power, fearlessness, masculinity, passion, strength, and wisdom. For others, it’s a symbol of good luck.

And for some people, it is just a representation of their favorite fictional dragon, like the dragons in game of thrones.

Whatever your reason is, dragon tattoos are fierce and daring. So if you are looking for a dragon tattoo, check out these design ideas we’ve compiled below.

Dragon tattoos on the back

dragon tattoos designs
Photo by pavli_chenko

Dragon tattoo on the chest

Photo by chicajaavi

Thigh dragon tattoo

Photo by tiny_hebi
dragon tattoos designs
Photo by lao.ink

Hand dragon tattoo

Photo by zlukness
Photo by blacklined.em
Photo by elsetattoo

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dragon tattoos designs
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Feet dragon tattoo

Side tattoo

Neck dragon tattoo

Photo by lexizettle

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